Monday, July 25, 2011

I hope I live to 80

Tonight we celebrated Wayne's dads 80th Birthday.
Here is the card I made him.
I have trouble with masculine cards. I can't add all the pretty embellishments in them.
 Here is the dimension shot ;)
 Inside of the card.
 Here is the Birthday Boy.
This man means so much to me. He really is like a father to me.
He has been in my life since I was 16 yrs old. And welcomed me into this family. And treats me like his own daughter.
I love this man.
 Here is the youngest member of the family :)
Isn't he a sweetie. That isn't really a question as we know he is ;)
 Ashley is going camping (ol' style) with Tyler and his friends.
They were going to purchase a new tent. I told them we have one that they can use.
Ashley wasn't sure of the quality of our tent, so the decided to put it up in our basement to make sure it didn't have any holes.
It was only used a few times. But Wayne did inform us that it is about 15 yrs old.
Looks fine to me. Mind you I won't be the one sleeping in it if it rains, teehee.
P.S. Don't look at Ashley's pants, she just put these on for the tent assembly. If she sees this she will want me to take this photo off, lol.
On To My Day:
First thing I did was get my licence sticker for the jeep. It wasn't a problem, even though it was overdue.
Picked up a gift card for the Birthday Boy.
Picked up Kristy's boyfriend, Blake.
Hand delivered a bill.
Then came home and worked most of the day.

Hope you all had a wonderful creative day:)
Thank you all so much for the Birthday wishes for both me and Ashley :)



  1. Hey Tracy - that's a great card - and if I'm not mistaken, it's on kraft paper? You should link it up to the Squigglefly challenge this week!

  2. super cute card i like what you did with it. sound like you have a good father-in-law

  3. happy birthday to one and all. I like your FIL choice of cake- 2 of them! LOL yours looked yummy too. I bought some of the cream filled horns and I wanted cream and they were frosting. yuck! I want cream. So I guess we don't agree on everything. sad huh? LOL BTW you look great! hugs,Pea

  4. I love your card! I'm always in need of ideas for masculine cards. Your FIL seems to be such a great man. You're truly blessed.

  5. what a fantastic card! i am sure your fil loved it!

  6. Your card is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to Wayne's dad!

  7. Lots of birthdays this week for you guys, eh?

    Such a cool card!! Love the clock paper and the old truck image (did he say he had one like it back in the day?) It's definitely a guy looking card! It IS hard to come up with guy stuff, isn't it? I love what you did for the inside especially though! You are a very creative lady!!

  8. Love the card you made for Wayne's dad. The stamps and paper are just perfect for a masculine card!

  9. Great card, I think you did an excellent job on the masculine card. Those cakes look yummy too. They make just want get a fork and take off with them.

    Hope you had a great few days of celebration!

  10. Great card! Masculine cards are so hard especially if they are over the age of 12 for me. This one is perfect!

  11. Great job on the card! I'm glad you have such a good relationship with your FIL. That makes things a lot easier, don't they? haha.

  12. I always have a hard time with masculine cards, bah! Maybe we should start a new trend and put ruffles and bows on them? ;) I love the two cakes with 79 & 1 so funny!!!! You should tell Ashley to pack an umbrella...just in case. Ha!

  13. Great card. Love the "79" and "1" cakes!

  14. Great card! Perfect for a manly man! I laughed when I saw the 79 + 1. Very fun! The cakes look yummy.....

  15. Great masculine card! What a cute idea for cakes too. You have a lot of birthdays at once!

  16. Oh love the vintage look of this card...awesome. Yes i have to agree super super cute little when they are that small,,my grandbaby is running around now and only 11 months we forget how fast they grow...tfs

  17. Your card is fabulous. I really love it!

  18. What a wonderful card Tracy, a really great masculine creation.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  19. I know exactly what you mean about your FIL feeling like your father - I've got a great one too (don't have the husband anymore, but still have the FIL!) :)

    Belated happy birthday to you! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  20. Tracy,
    Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry that I missed it. Have been in the middle of working shifts and Dr.s visits. Having ablation surgery next month.
    We are headed to Yellowstone to go camping tomorrow.
    Love your very masculine card--it is a goody.


  21. Happy birthday gramps!!

    I think those pants make me look sexy

  22. Happy birthday to him! And funny Ashley!

  23. You did a wonderful job making a masculine card! Bet the birthday boy loved it! Thanks for playing in Squigglefly's challenge!

  24. Great job. I love masculine card, but you are right they are DARN hard to make. Yours is wonderfully Kraftastic.


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