Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Year Older

Another birthday today.
Any guesses on who's?
Its MINE :)
 I received a new camera for my birthday.
My other camera would vibrate. I know, no one believes me when I tell them, but it does. It happened to Kristy when she tried to use as well.
So hubby bought my a new Sony Cyber-shot. I loved my old one, it was thin, tiny and red.
My new one is thin, tiny and black :(   They don't carry it in red anymore :(

Here are a few shots with my new camera.
Ashley and I. The birthday girls :)
 Heather and I.
See how she loves her mom, lol.
She also hates getting her picture taken. I think she hates it more than I do.
 Kristy and I :)
 Here are some cards I received.
This is from Hubby. I know that Kristy made this and coloured the image. But both Kristy and Hubby are trying to convince me that Hubby made it, lol.
 The girls whipped this one up.
Such slackers, lol. They took what I wrote in Ashley's card and changed it a bit.
 And this one is from Ashley's boyfriend Tyler.
He said that this is a drawing of him and I. lol.
Such talent :)
 Here is my old, beautiful camera. I loved it so.
I don't have a picture of my new one though.
Onto My Day:
Cleaned up the house, as we were having company over for BDay cake.
Hubby and I did a bit of running around.
We all went to Montana's for supper, and no I did not wear that big hat with the horns.
Came home to both Wayne and I not having any house keys. Ashley had a set, but both her and Kristy went to pick up Tyler as his car has a gas leak.
So as we waited for them to get home, I weeded the back yard.

Then my SIL Sharon, and her hubby Jim came by for cake and so did my FIL Ray and his wife Joy.
So we enjoyed a nice evening at home with the family for my birthday.

Now first thing tomorrow morning I have to get my licence sticker. I was suppose to get it before my birthday, oops I forgot.
The paper said it expired last Friday, double oops.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.



  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like so much fun:) Awesome camera!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Super cute card! :)

  3. happy birthday tracy!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope you have many more birthdays to come !!!

  4. Happy birthday Tracy!!!!! love your old camera, cause I love red!!!! enjoy your new camera :)
    Your girls are beautiful (like you :) )

  5. Happy birthday! Enjoy your new camera!

  6. Happy birthday! Congrats on the new camera - sorry it didn't come in red. :-( But still, non-vibrating is always good. :-) And very funny & sweet on the card!

  7. happy birthday to you!!! looks like you had a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Tracy!!! I'm glad you got a new camera, I know that shake has been driving you nuts! And I love the pictures with your girls! So cute!

  9. Happy Birthday! The new camera takes great pictures. Love the cards they made you.

  10. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday, Tracy. I love your photos!

  11. happy birthday .. wishing you all the best and i tottaly understand that staying home and creating..

  12. Happy birthday, Tracy!!! Hope you have an amazing year.

  13. Happy Birthday!! Those pictures definitly look like you had a great time :-)

  14. Happy Birthday bloggy friend! If we lived in the same country, I would take you to Red Lobster for lunch to celebrate! I just love all the pics of you and your girls, so sweet! The cards are fabulous too, especially the one from Tyler, too funny!

  15. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great one!

  16. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new camera. Bummer about it not coming in red, though. When I bought a kodak c182 they only had purple...I don't like purple! hahaha. But I was in need of a camera so I bought it. It's the most-used one of my 3.

  17. Big big birthday wishes your way....have a great day...

  18. Awww, I missed your birthday!!! Happy belated birthday!!!!

  19. Happy belated birthday! Love the shots of you and your girls!

  20. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!!!! You're 29, right? ;^) Guess what? I'll be 29 again in less than 2 weeks! I haven't counted how many times I've been 29, but it doesn't matter. tee hee!! Sounds like you had a very warm & fuzzy feeling birthday with your family. Very sweet are the cards too. Tell the hubs he did a great job on his! ;^)

    So glad to see that you got a new camera. Now you can take even better pics of your great projects! I have a Sony too, but it's not a shiny, sleek one.


    I'm so glad I found your blog!

  22. So sorry I missed your birthday Tracy! Happy Belated :0) I hope it was wonderful and you enjoy your new camera! Big extra Hugs!!!!


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