Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Treats

I want of these so badly right now, its not even funny.
I found these at Walmart when we were away on our trip.
My brother Darrell and I used to have these when we were kids. I haven't seen these anywhere since then.
I have found them in our town, but they are filled with cream not icing.
I only like them with the sugary icing.
 This sign has been on the mall's door for a few years now.
We always find this sign funny. Seriously now, how many Americans carry guns around with them? LOL.
I guess, us laid back Canadians don't mind if anyone totes their hand guns around with them when they shop.
 What I really find funny is the Mall that doesn't allow handguns is shaped like one, lol.
Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday.
I stayed at home. Wayne and Heather worked today.
I organized some of my craft supplies and returned some emails. The day goes by pretty fast when you get up after 11:00, teehee.
Wishing my wonderful FIL the best on his 80th Birthday today.
We are all getting together to celebrate his BDay on Monday as he is up at camp today :)



  1. Those pastries look delicious! I don't know if our Walmart has those or not, I'll have to look for them now :) I'm cracking up at the sign from the mall and the layout looking like a gun. Wonder if they even realize that?

    Happy Birthday to your father in law!

  2. "These premises"? That sounds funny.

    Lucky you for sleeping in!

  3. mmmmmm those cream horns look soooo good!

  4. Looks like you girls had a great trip. Safely home now and setting up to use your new Copics :-). Looking forward to the ways you will amaze from all the supplies you brought home. Have fun.


  5. I am now officially hungry LOL.

  6. I'm sure they have that sign for a reason...there must have been someone who was stopped & asked to removed their gun & they said they didn't know it was illegal. I do see the irony of the handgun shape of the mall. LOL!!

    I used to love the cream horns when I was a kid, but can't seem to tolerate that much sugar as I've gotten older. I guess that's a good thing. ;^)

  7. Hi Tracy, I come to visit and you have awesome treats, you are so wonderful. Have an awesome day! ~Shen

  8. Too funny, it is shaped like a did you come about noticing that anyway....ha ha'

  9. You with this yummy looking fun. Good thing Cait has gone out to Sonic to get me some yummy ice cream dessert.
    Curtis and I don't agree on the gun carrying issues. I am like you, but he has a permit to carry. That is OK with all the road time he puts in a big isolated state like MT. There are a lot of weirdos out there. He is a Federal agent too.
    I wish I could sleep until 11!!! I worked all day too.

  10. Laughing my arse off at the mall that is shaped like a handgun!!!!

    Oh, and I know A LOT of Americans who do carry. (Hubby included). In fact, I have a permit to carry as well. (But never in Canada! LOL!)

  11. Oh that IS funny on the handgun shaped mall! I missed this post when I was on vacation.

  12. Oooo, yummy! Too funny a out the mall shape!


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