Monday, July 11, 2011

I love a good Road Trip

Nothing creative, yet again :(
I have been running around all day today. And when I was at home, I was either working or on the phone chatting away ;)
So I thought I would share some travel photos of when my daughter's and I went to Winnipeg.

This is a totem pole that is displayed in front of a gift store, we are still in Ontario here :) 

 Inside Portage Place Mall they have this water display. Every few minutes or so the water does a little dance and then shoots up almost to the glass ceiling.
 Oh I see the golden Boy.
One time when we were in Winnipeg they had The Golden Boy redone and it was displayed in The Forks so we were able to see it up close.
 Here we are heading back home.
This is the type of terrain we live in.
 Isn't it just beautiful?
Well minus the dirty windows. I ran out of windshield wiper fluid on the drive home.
Hubby filled it up before we left. But I need my windshield pristine when I drive. I'll tell you the last few hours were tough, especially when a big ugly bug got splattered in the middle of my view......gross.
Next week we are heading to Minneapolis for a girls weekend.
Every year my SIL, Sharon, my daughters and I head to Duluth for a few nights. This year I want to hit up Archiver's :)   So we are driving a bit further.
Unfortunately Ashley has to work, so she is unable to come. I am sure going to miss her. It is not going to be the same without her.
But I am sure she will be giving us her list :)

Hope you all had a creative day :)



  1. Super cool photographs Tracy. It looks awesome. I would have had an amazing time also. ~Shen

  2. what wonderful pictures! so pretty!

  3. Very cool photos!! Those are being creative!!

    You should skip Minneapolis & head on down to Chicago for CHA instead!! I'm trying to talk DH into taking me there, since they're allowing the public in again this year. It is so cool to see!! I went a few years ago & it was a blast.

  4. Tracy,
    Wow, great photos. The pictures are amazing.

  5. Very pretty! I would love to go to an Archivers. They look amazing!

  6. I love road trips too! Great photos!

  7. It really is beautiful. I would love to go on a road trip. I haven't been on one in years, probably since college. We've been on long drives with the kids but it's just not the same as a real road trip.

  8. Great photos! Enjoy your trip to Duluth!

  9. i love winterpeg! did you know its the slurpee capital of the world!!

  10. Great photos! Have fun at Archivers - it's a must see! :)

  11. Awesome pictures Tracy! Sorry you ran out of washer fluid :)

  12. I love your photos. It's always nice to see places I've never been. In all my years in Ontario, I've never made it as far north or west as Thunder Bay.

  13. Love seeing all your travel photos
    A trip to Minneapolis sounds Marvelous!!!
    Came through there last year when we drove home to London
    Would love a trip to Archivers but the closest one is south of Salt Lake--that's a long drive from here.



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