Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inspiration its everywhere

 I thought I would share some inspiration with you.
I saw these fun pillows when we went on our girls vacation last week.
Every petal is sewed on separately.

I love this burgundy colour, how vibrant.
I thought that this might make a fun colour combination.
Onto My Day:
Most of my day consisted of working and replying to and watching YouTube. I like that I can multi task.
I went for lunch with my brother Darrell. We make a point of going for lunch on our birthday month.
He wasn't sure if he could make it as his job is pretty demanding. He is the business manager of his union. But he got things straightened out and then he phoned me and said "I'm comin' to get ya". Funny thing is he dialed the wrong number, lol. I bet the lady he phoned kept peeking out her window all day, lol.

Kristy went camping with her boyfriend and his family. I miss her humour around here.
She texted me when she got there :)
She will be coming home on Thursday and then we are leaving for camp.

Wayne and I went to Home Depot (bet you thought I was going to say Canadian Tire eh, lol). We picked up paint to repaint the picnic tables at our cottage. They need a new coat of paint and a new colour. Can you guess which colour I chose ;)

Then I got a wonderful phone call from my blogging friend, Claudia. This lady has a great sense of humour.
It was so nice to chat with her. She is so sweet. I felt like a celebrity talking to her. LOL.

Proud Tuesday:
I caught up on all my work, well, until tomorrow that is.
That I have a plan for tomorrow, to clean my scrap/craft room. It so needs it.

What have you done to make you feel proud?



  1. Love the pillows, I've seen ones that look like the burgundy and yellow ones, they look soooo cool! That color combo looks like late summer to fall colors to me. Very pretty. Can't wait to see what they spark for you!

    How funny that your brother got the wrong # first & left that message. tee hee!

    I am proud that I have been working diligently on the other mini album & making slow, but steady progress, also pretty happy with how it's turning out so far.

  2. Caught up on work?!?! Such a thing exists? :-0 :-0 :-0 This I never knew...

    Anyway very pretty pillows! I have been searching all around your blog trying to figure out how to attach a little doohicky onto this card I'm trying to make for my son. And then your "masculine" card didn't have any doohickeys!!!! I will have to make something up. :-) :-) :-)

  3. OH NO! It ate my comment and I can't remember what I said!!! Can you make up something for me?

  4. amazing pillows! you are right inspiration is all around us!

  5. Those are fun pillows, especially the last two. Catching up with a friend always brightens my day.

  6. Love the second set of pillows...great inspiration! How funny your brother called the wrong number!

  7. those pillows are so fun! I love that inspiration is everywhere!

  8. Wow girl! You've been busy!! Loving those pillows!

  9. The pillows are so cool! If only I was more crafty with a sewing machine...(not in my DNA). I know how quiet it can seem when missing a kid...we finally got our oldest back after 2 weeks of camp. Good luck cleaning the craft room! -Amanda

  10. I love finding inspiration in everyday things like that! Glad you got to have lunch with your brother :)

    I think you would be awesome at the art journaling! I didn't "sign up" I'm just playing along from the sidelines when I can. It's totally out of my comfort zone!

  11. I'm not a fan of the pillows (the first one maybe) but that's great how they gave you inspiration!

  12. Those pillows are pretty funky!

  13. Those cushions are sooooooo gorgeous and the colours are fabulous.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  14. LOVE those pillows!! Glad you had a nice day :)

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE those pillows!!!


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