Thursday, July 21, 2011

Made it home safe and sound with some change to spare :)

We made it home safe and sound :)
Hubby and Ashley were so happy to see us, and we them :)
My SIL, Sharon is the Tetris Master. She fit all this in the back of my jeep. Under all this I have a metal storage cart.
 My camera is working again, so I took some photo's to share my goodies with you.
I purchased these from that, out of the way, Scrap booking store.
 I found these papers at Walmart. I love that they are only $5.00 a paper pack. Oh ya I found the real Georgia Pacific card stock too, lol.
 I found these composition note books for .40cents.  I am going to put together a Smash book for my girls. I am hoping that they use it when we go to Montana next month. I saw a video from Stacy .
I won an original Smash book :) I haven't received it yet, but am so excited to see it.
 These were my Joann's purchases. Can't wait to try that rolled flower punch.
 I love quilting stores. They just feel so cozy, I could spend all day in one. I went into 2 of them on our way home.
Here are a few patterns I hope to complete...OK I hope to start by the end of the year :)
 This is the storage card that was under all the goodies in my jeep :)
When I saw this, I told Sharon that this would be perfect for my Cuttlebug and all the dies and folders I have.
We asked if they had it un-assembled. But nope.
Sharon said if you really want it, I will make it fit. And she did!!!!
Unfortunately she couldn't make the 4.5 ft wired dress form fit in the jeep :(
 Now that I picked up my Copics from over the border, they are all happy together, looking all pretty :)
I want them all. Do I need them all? Nope, but I want to fill in my charts in my Copic Journal, teehee.
Now that I have all my goodies home, I want to create my butt off.
But I have so much work to catch up on, I'll be busy all week. Plus we have a few birthday's to celebrate this week. Starting with Ashley's tomorrow :)

Thankful Thursday:
That I am lucky to be able to go on a girls trip with my daughters and Sharon.
That I am able to purchase supplies, that I so enjoy playing with.
That I was missed while I was away.
For the Happy Mail I received while I was gone.
For Pea loving my mini album I sent here. I will post that tomorrow :)

What are you Thankful for?



  1. Glad you are home safe and sound and it looks like you had a great shopping adventure south.
    Your SIL is an amazing packer getting all that packed in the back.
    Happy Birthday to Ashley tomorrow--it is Kirsten's hubbies birthday too. I am baby sitting the kids for the evening tomorrow so they can go out for the evening. They don't get a chance to do that too often.
    I can hardly wait to see what you create with all those pretty Copics.
    Will I get to see you when You visit MT next month?? I hope so.

  2. Glad to hear you are home safe! Your SIL is a master at packing a car! You bought some great stuff! Can't wait to see what you create with it!!

  3. I'd love to go shopping with you Tracy, you really know how to shop. Can't wait to see what you create with your new treasures.

  4. TRACY you are supposed to lay the copics on their sides girl. So the ink flows evenly on both sides. Nope haven't touched the book yet. too busy. Will explain later. My bad, didn't know it was the girls weekend. Wish I had flown in for fun. Oh goodies. lots of goodies.
    Off to bed. glad you are home and great cart.
    should have gone to ikea and got the table instead* wink* wink*

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound. Looks like you have lots of great crafting awaiting you!

  6. Man, Sharon has some skills! Mike can pack like that too, he won't even let me load the dishwasher, but just between us, that's okay with me! ;) You got some AWESOME stuff, seriously my mouth is watering. I think I'm going to make a trip to Joann's today! So glad you girls made it home safe.

  7. wow-that is some serious shopping girlfriend! i am very very impressed!!!

  8. Glad you arrived home safely, you must have had an amazing trip and so many gorgeous goodies.

    Wow you have so many pretty colours in your copics, have lots and lots of fun Tracy with all your new stash.

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. You sure did find tons of amazing stuff!! I sure wish OUR JoAnne's had cool punches like the ones you found! I didn't even know there was a flower making punch like that! :0 And I hadn't seen the other two you picked up either.

    I sure can't wait to see what good stuff you make with your haul! And I can't wait to see the mini you made for PEA too! It's gotta be amazing, for sure!

  10. Holy lots of fun stuff, Batman! I am loving the Graphic 45 and the punches!!!

  11. Glad to hear you got home safely, and wow!.. LOVE all the goodies you came home with too!.. The girls should have fun with their Smash books. I made my own junque/art-smash type of journal, and am having so much FUN with it! I LOVE it, and definitely see more in my future! LOL!.. Can't get over all those Copic markers you've got already! I don't have a single ONE yet!! (0; Someday! Hope you're keeping cool in this heat, and having a great day! ~tina

  12. Yes, I'd want to have some major creative time with all these new goodies too! Look at all the pretty Copics... Don't work too hard, though! :)

  13. Awesome goodies! I am so jealous of all your copics. Your sister in law really is good at packing tetris. Can't wait to see the smash books you make.

  14. Glad you got home safely and so jealous of all you goodies. Looks like you got some great products!

  15. Great haul! WOW to the back of your Jeep!

  16. Wow! You got some amazing goodies on your trip!!

  17. Glad you made it home safely. Sharon has some mad packing skills for sure.

    Oh, and sometimes it's a fine line between 'need' and 'want'...for me, that line often gets very blurry! hahaha.

  18. That's an amazing packing! Wow - look at all those copics. You may have more than I do now!! I think my last count was 169.

  19. What an awesome packing job and great new stash!

  20. Look at all that stuff in the back of the jeep. Oh my! What a fantastic haul. I can't believe the amount of copics from your first picture, not too long ago I might add, to now. I'm halfway through to a complete collection of copics so I'm not that far behind.

    Oh and I'm thankful that cherries are in season because they are my favorite and I have barreled through about 3 lbs in 2 days and only have 2lbs more to go.


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