Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mall of America.

Today was a full day of shopping. We got to Mall of America as soon as they opened and stayed all day and part of the evening. Then we hit Burnsville again.
We also made it to Joann's.
Here are the goodies I found at Archiver's. I was a bit ticked. I printed off quite a few coupons for the stores. But they only let me use one. I usually give the girls one to use for me, but this time they asked for their phone number, of course theirs is the same as mine, so they only let us use one.
 These are the goodies I found at Joann's. We picked up a coupon book at the enterance. When I went to the counter, I asked the girl which coupon would be the best one for me to use. She scanned 3, 40% off coupons for my one transaction.
I now love this store. Wish I had one near me :)
Yes I do buy more then just craft supplies, teehee.
It just the craft supplies are one size fits all, and so much fun to play with :)
I purchased 2 tops and a pair of jean capris.
It was another hot day today. It was 37C at 9:30am. Plus the humidity was high. Sharon's glasses kept fogging up everytime we went out of the jeep.
When Sharon and I went to unload the parcels in the jeep, these clouds were hanging low, and the wind picked up.
 This looks actually was lighter then they really were.
We did get a bit of rain. But we were inside the mall so we misssed it all.
 Had to check out the Lego store. It was packed.
I got Sharon and Kristy to pose with Woody.
There were some cool lego displays with Harry Potter.
This one's for you Schell :)
I think I got hit on today.
 I am so out of practice with this sort of thing, so I am not sure, LOL.
I was warming up my left over Red Lobster down in the lobby.
This big (cute) guy asked me if it was warm enough for me (meaning my food).
Then he kind of stood around the counter. As I was walking up the stairs to go back to my room. He asked me who I was sharing that with.
I told him, "Just me. But it looks good eh"
He asked me Can I share it with you.
I just laughed, thinking he was joking
Then he asked again "Well, can I come and share it with you"
My response..."No." As I picked  up the pace. lol.

So I think we are heading to Duluth tomorrow morning. We were going to do the Zoo, but it is to hot out. So we figured we would go to Duluth, that way we are 1/2 way home for Thursday.

Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.



  1. This is an amazing shopping trip:)
    Thank you for visiting me!
    Don't worry, you can get the twine online too:)

  2. OMG you go girl get your groove on.lol kinda scary but flattering i hope. sounds like you are having a lot of fun. happy for you enjoy your time out their while the rest of us are crafting away. cant wait to see what comes from your new crafting supplies.

  3. oh it looks like you have really done some fun shopping! have fun!

  4. It looks like you had some fun! Our temps are supposed to get up to around that this week with high humidity,too! Today will be in the low 90's and that's the coolest we will see for the rest of the week! HA!

  5. Bummer about the coupons at Archiver's but way cool about the ones at Joann's! Are those some Martha Stewart cut lace tags I see??? Once again, I love to see your purchases! Even the clothes! Too funny about the guy at the hotel! Should have told him you were going to share it with a big guy named Wayne who drives a bull dozer :)

  6. Those are awesome goodies! Sounds to me like he was flirting. I am really bad at picking up on that too.

  7. Ah, what fun goodies! You have lot's of fun stuff to keep you busy now! Enjoy the rest of your stay. :)

  8. Ooh, I love all the goodies you got. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  9. Great shopping trip! And hurray for teenaged girls posing in the Lego store. hahaha. Oh, and you were definitely hit on! I was hit on in a similar way when a guy (not cute) at the zoo noticed I kept looking at my motorized scooter (I'd just had surgery) and he said it was still there and I told him I had camera equipment and he said if someone took off with it he'd chase them down. I said "Then I'd have to chase you to get it back, huh?" and he said something about that being the point and he'd let me catch him. Ugh!

  10. hahah I'm out of habit of flirting too. Looks like you had fun shopping. It's pretty humid in TX too!

  11. I love those tops!! You got some good scrappy goodies too!

  12. You got some great stuff. We don't have an archivers here so I miss out on stuff for immediate gratification. I do all of my shopping on line, well for the most part.

    And what do you mean you "think" you got hit on. That was about as blatant as blatant could be! Good for you. I don't get hit on anymore. I think it may have something to do with my frazzled appearance and two obnoxious children constantly up my rear end.

  13. Lots of fun shopping!
    And the Lego store would be a must stop for us!
    Especially my son :)

    I'm surprised they only let you use one coupon! I know I've used at least two at once there before.

  14. Looks like you got some great stuff. Can't wait to see what pretties you make with the new supplies.

  15. OMG! That is too cool/funny! ...in a non stalker kind of way ;). I am so jealous! What a copic haul yesterday, and Mall of America today! Goodness! I hope that your cards don't get swiper burn... and pffffttt :P to those not letting you use their coupons. How rude! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  16. What a fun trip! Your sb acquisitions are fabulous and I adore that red top in the middle of your photo. I have a lot of family in Mpls and am hoping to get down soon. I love Archiver's but I think their coupon policy is stinky.

  17. The heat here is disgusting...and not a drop of rain in sight. Boo. Hiss.

    Looks like you got a nice little load of shopping done...and um, yeahhh...that creeper was either hitting on you, or looking to do something nasty to you! I'd have picked up the pace, too.

  18. Sounds like an awesome time. Nice haul. Great tops, esp purple.

  19. So wanna visit Mall of America. I bought the Tattered Time STack at Joanns also. Think I may do my Toronto trip with this stack. Hope you are having a great time!

  20. Love seeing your shopping finds!! I want to go to Mall of America one of these days, but that stinks that they take your phone # to use your coupons. Safe travels!!

  21. Your gonna have lots of wonderful crafty things to play with when you get home.

    You must have felt flattered, it's nice to know men still notice us married women and we don't have wife and mother stamped across our foreheads, and we get noticed for being us.

    It looks like your having such a wonderful trip.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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