Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Window Envelope Tags in the mail

I received some Window Envelope Tags from the swap I am hosting.
I also did a video of them all so everyone could get a closer look.
But YouTube seems to be down, as I can't watch any video's tonight.
I did get the video downloaded to my channel, but can't watch it.
Onto My Day:
Today was a day that I just felt overwhelmed.
I didn't even get half of my To Do list complete.
I worked all day, and balancing was being a little fussy. I finally did balance and got all my work posted. Now I just need to get the Invoices in the mail and I am done with month end :)
Like I said, I just felt over whelmed today. You ever have one of those days the you have so much to do, but you are going in slow motion? Well that was me today.

Funny story:
Kristy and her boyfriend were downstairs playing a video game. I went down to get something, ( I wasn't going down there to check on them honest ;), I got distracted and sat in my dad's chair (the repair guy fixed last week). I reclined it, grabbed a blanket and I guess I dozed off.
I kind of heard Kristy and Blake talking quietly.
I said to them, I think I dozed off.
Kristy, " Ya think?"
I asked, "Why was I snoring?" Which she informed me, I wasn't.
I dozed for about 5 minutes. I told them I had a dream that I was talking to a guy who told me he didn't like pork, but he liked bacon.
They laughed so hard. I didn't think it was that funny.
Then they told my that a guy in the video game said, "I hate pigs, but I love bacon". LOL.

Tomorrow I get my MUGA scan done. Let hope my paper work isn't misplaced again. Mind you considering I just went to the doctor last Wednesday, I can't complain.
Actually when the technician phoned me she bumped me up from July 20th, as I am not suppose to start my medication until I get this test done.
Whoever says our health care is a mess and doesn't work, I have to disagree with them.
I have so many health problems and I get in right away, get the tests I need done quickly and have been taken care of very well.
Besides the health care the government (OHIP) supplies us with, I dont' have any other medical benefits, or even a drug plan. I know there are a few that may disagree with me, but really does everyone agree with everything.

Well I am off to bed as I have another busy day tomorrow.
Hope you all had a creative day today :)



  1. Hope your test goes well and you can get the medicine you need. Hugs!

  2. Sorry you have to spend the day getting more tests, but hope it gets you on your meds sooner! Looks like you got some awesome entries in for your swap. So many creative gals out there....

  3. Overwhelming days are never fun, but it sounds like you made it through. The dream story is hilarious! LOL! I hope your test goes well and thank you for taking the time to offer your positive thoughts on your healthcare system! We need to hear more reports like that down here to make the changes we need!

  4. Those envelope tags look beautiful. Now I know why you wanted to host, getting to open all those packages! :) As for health care, or anything like that, no matter how good something is, there are just some people out there who aren't happy unless they're complaining. Personally, I think it's much easier to be positive:) You expend much less energy that way! Hope things go smoothly today!

  5. oh your envelopes look great! how fun!

    good luck on your test!

  6. Oh, those tags look awesome! Good luck on your tests.

  7. Good luck with your testing.

    Sorry on such an overwhelming day. But how fun to get all that mail!

  8. I love those tags! Your dream made me laugh because I've had similar ones where something will be on TV and I'll have a dream relating to it.

    Good luck with your testing.

  9. Sorry you have to have more tests done; hope all goes well!

  10. The lender dream and video is too funny! Hope that all goes well with your tests!

  11. Love the window envelope tags I saw so far on video!!!.. And I'm definitely inspired by them. I have a couple envelopes sitting on my work table, just waiting for me to give it a try. BUT, if you have another swap, I don't want to miss it!! I don't know how I missed THIS one as it is.. But there was certainly a LOT of talent to be seen! Everybody's tags were gorgeous!.. Best of luck with your test(s) tomorrow. Wishing you well. ~tina

  12. It all depends on WHERE in Ontario you live, honey. I came from a city where you were lucky to have a family doctor (over 10,000 people without one) and were lucky to get a CT Scan or MRI done within 18 months.

    Wishing you well on your tests! Thinking of you!!

  13. Sorry to hear you had such an overwhelming day. Glad you got the books completed.
    Good luck with your MUGA scan tomorrow, so you can get started on your meds.
    I never had an issue with the health care when I lived there, either.

  14. Thank you for making your point about your OHIP. I get so sick of dealing with insurance company bureaucracy and see our out-of-pocket expenses and co-pays keep going up and up. Very frustrating!

    That story about your dream is a hoot! How funny!

    Sending up P and PT that everything goes well with your test. Take care!


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