Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Cat is pissed with me.....literally

Today I was very happy to receive some Happy Mail from Jayne.  If you follow her, then you know she makes the most pretty cards, and has such a beautiful grand baby. And if you don't follow her, you should go and check her out.

Here is the card that Jayne made me. I think it is so pretty. The soft colours are just gorgeous, and those die cuts are so pretty.
 She also sent me an extra magazine she had :)
 Jayne had made these flowers. They are so pretty. Then she cut some die cuts out of felt.
Jayne could you please tell me which die you used to cut these pretties out with ;)
Onto My Day:
I mailed the last of the swap Window Envelopes.
Kristy and Heather wanted to go shopping, so we spent time at the mall.
I was exhausted when we came home, so I took a wee little nap. Then I heard the girls get a bit excited.
What happened was that our cat Rose, urinated in the living room!?!
 Right beside my Copics and papers. One of my papers got wet! Thankfully it was only one stray piece.
The girls were right in the room when she did this!?!

Kristy wanted to work on an album for her boyfriend. So she went into my scrap/craft room. When she got down there, I heard her yell.
I knew exactly why she did this....my room is really messy, lol. She told me is was a slob, lol. Yes it is that much of a mess.
So I went down to clean it up so she would have some room.
In the corner there was a canvas bag that I keep my crochet cotton and projects in. Luckily I took the contents out to crochet on the way to camp this weekend. Because Rose pissed on the bag!?!

Heather looked up why she maybe doing this. It is either she has a bladder infection (we just had her at the vet and all her blood work was fine)
Or she is angry at her owner.
So I guess she is pissed at me then.
Now Rose is a princess around our house. She loves to drink her water out of cups. But we just make her drink out of her dish.
Well when we were at camp this weekend, Ashley left her a few coffee cups of water around the house.
When we got home Heather told her she was spoiled and took them away.
So in reality Rose should be mad at Heather not me. LOL.

Proud Tuesday:
I cleaned up some of my scrap/craft room.
Ate healthy today.
Took the girls to the mall.
Took a nap when I really needed one.
Mailed out the last of the swaps.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. LOL Tracy - It could have been worse, she could have peed on the drapes! When our cat got quite elderly, she started peeing beside her litter box. She lived until she was 18 yrs. old.

    The card is gorgeous and I love the flowers and butterflies!

  2. I'm so glad that you like what I sent you, Tracy! Your video put a smile on my face! The dies I used were all from Papertrey Ink. The embellishments were diecut, stamped, colored with distress ink and spritzed with Perfect Pearls.

  3. Bad kitty! She does sound a little spoiled though :0) Hugs!

  4. Oh Tracy, sounds like you had a pretty eventful day...tomorrow will be much better. Your friend sent you a lovely card. ~Shen

  5. What a bad kitty! :D
    We have two boys (cats) that never grow up... Every time we clean the appartment, they start fighting and mess it all up agian...
    When we tell them to stop, they just look at us like: "what!?! we were just playing..."

    How can one not love them!? :)

    Have a great day!

  6. oh i love happy mail & this really was happy mail--such great stuff!

    sorry to hear about your cat!

  7. Looks like you got some wonderful happy mail! Sorry your cat is taking her anger out on you! LOL!

  8. Kitties, they can be so temperamental sometimes. One cat we had had fleas so bad that we didn't even know about & that caused the same problem...and she had never ever been outside either.

    Love the happy mail you got! Happy mail is always good! I got mine from the Cricut mag last week after their slight oversight.:P

    And, my craft room looks like a tornado slammed through it - always! ;)

  9. What fabulous happy mail! Love those felt pieces!

    That darn cat! Are you going to put more cups of water out?

  10. That is wonderful happy mail. We had a cat that would get mad and do that too. Not fun!

  11. Tracy
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment.
    Had to smile at your cat being pissed off. It is no fun when they do that. Hope she gets over her pissy fit soon.

  12. sorry about the cat! Hope that she gets over it and returns to the box or great out doors. Dealing with cat mess is the worst (when SIL came to live with us, her boy cats pee-d everywhere!). Hope tomorrow is better!

  13. Sounds to me like she is upset at you. My one male (I have 2) once got up on the bed next to me and proceeded to urinate on the bed inches away from me. He uses the box fine and has no other problems so I figured it was behavioral and he was feeling unloved or something. I keep a close eye on him when he's on the bed, but I also make sure to give him (and his 'brother') lots of attention.

  14. Pooh lovely on the package and ewwww on your kitty, naughty girl!

  15. Ah yes, inappropriate elimination. Something I've had PLENTY of experience with...lol. Now that kitty lives with my daughter (and no dog in the house), she's a freaking model "cat"izen. Who knew?

  16. Oh wow Tracy you have your first House Mouse stamp, I can't wait to see what you create with it, you know I love House Mouse.

    Gorgeous goodies you got in your happy mail.
    Sorry your cat is angry with you, hope she doesn't pee over your stuff again.

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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