Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shopped not really :)

A late post for me tonight.
My dad and step mom Doreen came by the hotel for a nice visit. We always have a lot of laughs when they are around.

Again my photo's are courtesy of my daughter Ashley (thank you Ashley) and her cell phone, as I forgot my camera cord, duh.
I got some real cool , creative, inspiration photo's. I will have to share them, when I get home.

Here are a pair of pretty, adorable shoes Ashley bought today.When I spotted them, I knew she would want them. Do I know my girl or what ;)
And no I am not watching porn. That is a Hollester bag in the background. Its almost worth buying something from that store just for the bag, lol.
Oh just for some more eye candy. This is my SIL, Sharon and I in front of Ambercrombie and Fitch a few years ago, teehee.
Ya, I embarrass my daughters, lol.

One of the malls we went to today.
So my day consisted of walking the malls. I am so glad that I bought my sandals yesterday, because the ones I bought with me, would have killed my feet.
I did buy a summer dress today.
Tomorrow is my scrap booking stores. I sure hope I can find as much there, as the girls found in their stores today ;)

Hope you all had an awesome, creative day today.
Now I am going to go to bed and enjoy my peaceful sleep.
As much as I miss you Wayne, I sure sleep soundly without your snoring ;)  Love you Honey :)



  1. you naughty girl. Love it! LOL
    glad everyone is having a wonderful time. Oh the scrapbook envy I have right now.... Well I have done enough shopping for a while.
    have a safe trip back.
    ? how does ashley walk in those shoes. MY god they have stilts built in! LOL

  2. Oh- my- word! LOVIN' those shoes!!.. The only shopping I got done this holiday weekend was GROCERY shopping.. hmph! Not NEARLY as fun as shoe shopping, but oh well.. That aside, I AM having lots of fun seeing fireworks, picnicking, swimming!!! The weather's been gorgeous, so I don't think I could have asked for much more than that! Glad you're enjoying your weekend, and have fun at the scrapbook stores! Can't wait to see the goodies you get there! ~tina

  3. Those shoes are too cute, I want them. I have a shoe problem and it usually entails really cute, impractical, and painful shoes but I suffer anyway.

    Your picture is too funny LOL. I'm jealous that you get to do all this shopping. I can't wait to hear what you pick up tomorrow! I did a little of my own online shopping the last couple of days and a huge Stampin' Up order from the new catalog so I shouldn't be too jealous.

  4. the shoes are cuuute, yummmy, sweeet, gooorgeous, the picture is hooooooooooot :D

  5. Great shoes! I love shoe shopping :0) Really great bag :0) Good luck with your scrapbook shopping, that sounds fun! Hope you find lots of goodies! Hugs!

  6. Oh, Tracy,
    Sounds like you are having quite the girlie weekend. You sure deserve it.
    Loving the shoes--great for a young gal like Ashley.
    You are bring back memories of a favourite haunt--we went shopping at Polo Park when I lived there eons ago. I should really go back and check Winnipeg out!! I am sure it has changed so much!!! Hope your scrapbook shopping was successful.

  7. Cute shoes! I love high heels!

  8. Adorablenshoes! Perfect for a simple outfit!

  9. Those shoes are super cute! You do know your daughters well :) Love the pic of you embarrassing your daughters, that is one of mine and Mike's most favorite things to do now that Abie is getting a wee bit older! I hope you were able to find lots of goodies today scrapbook shopping!

  10. Embarrassing your children is a job you're expected to do well! LOL! Seems you have no trouble there. ;)

    Fabby shoes! I remember the days when I could actually walk in those things. Not now. No way. (Unless I want to break my arse.)


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