Monday, September 2, 2013

Its Raining Hearts Card

I did a bit of colouring this weekend at the cottage.
Here is one of the cards I coloured.
I thought this was fitting with all the rain we had received ;)
I actually made the card on my creative get away a few weeks ago.
But didn't colour in the image until this weekend.
I added a spot of adhesive so I would remember which image went with which card. Then took the image paper off to colour it in.

I had used a Penny Black image from this stamp set.
Aren't they so sweet :)

Here is both mine and Debbie's cards.
I'm not sure if we used a sketch here, but I think we did. Just can't remember which one.
What Debbie and I did was make about 6 cards, each using the same sketch, images and sometimes the same papers. But didn't colour in the images.
I will show you them as the week or weeks go on :)

Here are the colours I used to colour up this image. I used my Copic markers.

Here is my card again.
Not sure if Debbie coloured hers up yet. Would love to see them side by side again, but all coloured up :)

Here is my Day 2 in that 30 day  planner challenge.  You can check out the list here on yesterdays blog post :)
Day 2 is "In the Bag"
I am sure you are suppose to show your planner in your purse.
But my planner being quite big (9.5x7.5) it doesn't fit in my purse, lol.
I also only use it at home.
I do bring it to the cottage to work on it, or when we go on a trip.
And when I do bring it with me, it is in this little tote with my iPad and a novel.
I keep meaning to make a new tiny tote bag. This one I made years ago for one of the girls birthday parties. I made one for each of the party guests to decorate for their goodie bags.
The other side of this bag has little pink hearts on it that one of my daughters decorated ;)

Onto my Day:
We came home from the cottage, of course the weather was sunny and nice.
We took out the dock today....1st sign of summer coming to an end :(
When we got home, we went to visit Ashley.
She texted me to ask what we were having for supper, lol.
So we all went to her house, ordered a pizza as I took more painters tape off the trim.
Because the painters tape has been on there so long I had to cut into the paint with an exacto knife as to not peel the new paint off.

Was looking forward to Dexter tonight, but it isn't on :(

I hope you all have a very nice Labour Day Weekend and a creative Monday :)



  1. What a cute card! The umbrella is so cute! Love the matching background! : )

  2. Hi Tracy - I just got your message on my blog - I thought it was a problem with Blogger that was stopping me from commenting as well. I think something weird WAS going on these last few weeks. I did however get a comment from you last week or so. I love your Penny black stamps and as always - you're the colouring master. I made a cute card for my mom's birthday that I am going to put up soon, as soon as I give it to her.

  3. As always fabulous colouring. I love that set, I will have to look for it when I get shopping, Great sketch and love the umbrella paper. Always a sad time when it's time to close up the cottage for the winter. Being further south we can usually stay until October. There seems to be a nip in the air this morning, a sign Fall is here.

  4. That was pretty smart to make that card, but not color it yet. The coloring is probably the longest part, huh? My planner is smaller than yours and fits in my purse, when I carry one. Right now, I'm not carrying one though ;)

  5. oh my gosh that card is just sooooo adorable! awesome coloring work

  6. Wonderful card - love the papers and fabulous colours. Glad you had a nice weekend. Have a fab week.

  7. hi! Nope - haven't colored yet :( Will get on that as soon as possible - Your coloring is always amazing - so don't know if I would put mine up beside yours! Keep up the great work and inspiration -.... we may have to set a date just to color :)

  8. Oh no, hate that summer is ending for you. :( Love your card - that image is so cute.

  9. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest card and so perfectly paired with that patterned paper!

  10. Playing backward catch up! So sad to see summer go. :0(

  11. I looooove this card! It is so cute, and the umbrella paper is perfect. It made me smile when I saw it on instagram and again when I saw it today!

    I'm sorry Dexter wasn't on. Don't you hate when you look forward to a show and it isn't there :(

  12. So cute! love the pink and yellow combo.

    You should have seen me trying to get tape off that had been on for 3 years. Om second thought maybe it was good no one saw that. lol


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