Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Working on 12x12 paper storage and Day 10

I think I am not only a paper hoarder, but also a paper addict.
Am I ashamed or feel bad...heck no....
I Love Paper.
I say that loud and proud ;)

But my problem with having a lot of paper is how to store it.
I have a few different ways and areas where I store my paper.
I have been storing (some) of my 12x12 papers in this rolling cart for years.
I put the paper on the front and added my tags.

As you can see, my papers lay flat.
Each drawer was completely full, so it was hard to look for a certain paper.
So I wouldn't really use them, and grab papers from another area in my room or rec room or.....

The other day I was at Target and saw these black heavy plastic crates. The best thing was that they were only $2.75.
So I picked one up to see if it would work for my papers. They did!
So last night the girls went shopping, so asked them to pick me up 2 more ;)
I went around to all my areas where I hoard store my 12x12 papers and started to pile them in.

The first and second crate hold my paper pads. All except for my Graphic 45 papers.
The last crate holds paper kits or special papers I had purchased for a specific layout.
When I buy special papers, I also purchase matching card stock. So I packaged them together.
I saved all my plastic sleeves that papers come in, I am so glad I did.

I am far from complete.
I had to clean off the pool table as I needed more room to go through all my papers and put themed papers together.
Hopefully I will be done tomorrow :)
I think this will work well for me as I am a flipper when it comes to looking through my supplies.

Today is Day #10
I like to have my day marked down in fine detail.
I seem to get more done this way, even if I don't complete my list.
I usually do the full day like this, but today I wanted to focus on my paper storage.

I hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks good! I am a flipper too!
    When M's had 50% off coupons I bought th cropper hopper bins...especially the packs of slim ones.

    I divided my paper into themes and cardstock by colour. Any DP that does not fit my many themes then gets sorted by colour.

    But like you, I have specialty paper that I bought things to go with. Those go in special bins and I keep the "sets" together.

    I love my paper and like being able to find it to use.

    Now I need to organize my 6x6!

  2. AHHHHH! I love this!

    I have such trouble with my paper storage. My paper packs are really easy, but my loose paper isn't. Maybe I should check out Target for these boxes one of the million times I'm there this week ;)

  3. what a great new paper system!! love it

  4. Hope your new paper storage works for you. And that you are having a great week.

  5. Great idea and will you look at all that paper!

  6. Looks great! I'm a flipper (and a hoarder) too! :o)

  7. Your new creates look great and think you'll love storing your paper like this! It will be so much easier to flip through! I always put my list in order of I'm going to do things and I use to put time frame too, but I haven't since I got my planner...

  8. I'm also good with paper packs but I have trouble with my 12x12 paper I have a scrapbooking unit I bought at Canadian Tire and it is full, I have three 12x12 totes from Michaels and sleeves. the original plan was to put like colours in sleeves and mark them and put them in the totes. One day it will happen. I'm such a procrastinator. Right now I have to remove all paper to look through all of it to find the one that might work.

  9. I sometimes like (re)organizing as much as creating! And I always have to have a To Do list ... :)

  10. Great idea! I have stacking acrylic trays mostly for my solid color cardstock but had the same dilemma as you with my patterns and sets...my plastic drawers aren't working the best and I mostly have them stacked haphazardly wherever but a crate or two will save my sanity! So simple! Thank you.

  11. Lol, my paper collection is looking pretty sparse!

  12. I love sorting paper, getting to admire them all over again. Looks like it will work better than the drawers. Just a quick question, uhm, they aren't going to live on the pool table are they? lol

  13. Oh yeah, paper aficionado here too. And I have found that vertical storage works so much better for flipping through and finding just the right sheet when I need it. Looks like you are making really good progress - keep it up.

  14. Wow Tracy this is awesome! I wish I would have seen this sooner though:( I just went to a 31 party last night and spent over 70.00 on cubes just to organize my 12x12
    Paper pads! Dang, this would save me a ton of money! Lol


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