Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crafty Sunday

Can you believe it I actually got to stay home all day today. Yahoo.
I put on my lounge pants (jammie pants) and watched movies with hubby and worked on my mini album all day. It was so nice.
My living room looks like a craft tornado went through it though.
I almost finished the album but I don't have any thick chipboard for the front and back cover. I am not sure where to look. I usually just use the chipboard from the back of some paper stacks, but not to many of them have the thick chipboard. I will try the book binding store, or an art store.
Here are my inky fingers from creating. Isn't that a beautiful sight. Sigh.
I said before that I did part of the Wookiemouse challenge from 2 peas late last year. Well here is how I did my scraps. I like my file folders, they really work for me. But as you can tell it got a little full.
I sorted my paper and put the bigger paper aside. Here is a pile of my pieces that were about 3" or smaller.
Here is the larger paper scraps in their matching coloured file folder. I didn't have a file to match each colour, so I improvised.
I hate to waste paper. So what I did was take a couple punches and punched these from the paper scraps. I know a lady that does scrapbooking for Foster children, so I sent them to her. I also sent her some of my paper that I didn't think that I would use. She loved it.
Here is my scraps all nice and organized. I love it. I used the scallop punch and made the tabs on the folders with some of my scraps.
I tell you I sure use alot more of my scraps now. I think I made most of my Christmas cards with these scraps.
I guess the Super bowl was on today. Didn't watch it. Thankfully hubby doesn't really watch sports. Mind you we watched a few football movies that were on today, "Rudy", "Jerry McGuire", and "And Any Given Sunday".
Well that was my Sunday.
Hope you all had a creative Sunday.


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