Sunday, February 21, 2010

Down the Hill

We had a good time at our cottage this weekend. The skies were clear, the weather was beautiful and the girls had lots of laughs. The temperature was about zero degrees Celsius.
Here is Kristy, my baby. Sorry Kristy but you will always be my baby. Isn't she cute.
Here is Ashley and Heather making their way down the hill.
Now here is my hubby. Ya you see correctly he is wearing his shorts in the middle of the winter. He always wears shorts. Hardy Northerner or a Crazy Canuck? Not sure which.
Heather just finished making the trail to slide down. Hubby had to snow blow some snow on the trail as you could see the concrete retaining wall. We didn't nearly get as much snow as we usually do.
Ashley taking the trail. Look at that form.I didn't go down the hill this time. During the down time we sat in the cottage, enjoyed the fireplace and relaxed. I read 3 scrap booking magazines. I brought my journal but I didn't work on it.
We are watching the Canada/US hockey game and it doesn't look good for Canada.
We didn't get to watch any of the Olympics at camp as the satellite was down.
I have so much I want to get done this week. I better make some lists and get my butt in gear.
Hope your Sunday was relaxing.


  1. looks like you guys had a blast.. i love the snow but now that i'm living in NC we dont get snow like we usedto in NYC.. love your pictures.. thanks for sharing...

  2. That looks like so much fun. It almost never snows here (Austin, TX). If it does, it doesn't last long. We'll get some sleet or ice every now and then.

  3. Ah, yes...Ontario - definitely cottage country!! I'm somewhat jealous over here on the West Coast!! :) As far as your hubby's shorts go - definitely Crazy Canuck! Granted, we're having a wildly mild winter over here on the West Coast, I did have my first flip flop sighting on the opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics, which as you know, Vancouver is hosting! :) Shorts,though, in Ontario really is quite hardy! This is my first visit to your blog - I linked her via a 2Peas thread. You've got a great blog - I'm adding you to my bookmarks and I'll definitely be back - I always love finding another Canadian connection! :) Cheers from Vancouver!

  4. It looks like you all had some fun!!!

  5. looks like u had so much fun... good for you!

  6. LOL...your hubby is a crazy Canuck!!! Shorts in the middle of winter, with all that snow around!!! HAHAHA!!! Thanks for the chuckle!

    Looks like you guys have a nice spot for a cottage. JEALOUS!!!

    I watched the hockey game last night, too.....ahhh, the beauty of being a dual citizen. It didn't matter to me who won! LOL. Yeah yeah, I am such a fence sitter

    P.S. The leprechauns have puked all over your blog background, too, I see. Rotten little buggers....they won't stop spewing green on my blog.

  7. Looks like FUN!! Glad you had some time away. And your hubby is just like my son (14) he would wear shorts in the winter, if I would let him. Crazy! LOL

    Have a great day.


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