Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is hubby and my 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Ya I was 12 when I got married LOL. Just kidding I was 20.
I remember that day. We went to the courthouse with my best friend Debbie and her then husband Craig, Ya that's right we eloped. My dream was having both my dads walk me down the aisle. But at the time that wasn't going to happen so it didn't matter to me how we got married.
After we got married we went back to the house that I was renting and we locked ourselves out.
Later we went to Wayne's house to wait for his parents to come home from a dance to tell them what we did. We were so nervous.
They were so happy, to finally get rid of him, again just kidding. His mom said she was very happy for us but she wish she could have been there. His dad hugged us both and said this calls for a drink LOL.
Here is a scrapbook page that I made about it. Not to many pictures, and they were taken with a small camera.

I don't know why the colours are so different. But the true colours are more to the top photo.

So hubby took the day off today. We went for lunch to Montana's and then went to the movies tonight. We went to see Mel Gibson's new one "Edge of Darkness". It was a good movie. Mind you its Mel Gibson I love all his movies.

So I was on the web last night and saw a paper bag album. They look so cool. I am going to make one tomorrow. I went to Michael's today and got some bags, oh my they have so many colours and sizes of them. So I got a medium size white and a small black package. I know I should be working on my purse.

TGIF Hope you had a good one.



  1. Happy Anniversary! My 13th is coming up on the 7th. I love making paper bag mini. Here's a link to a tutorial of a good one.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I like your album pages, it shows you can make a nice memoir without a ton of photos.

  3. Thank you for your comments on my blog and Happy anniversary I love the beautiful paper with the petals that you used!

  4. Happy Anniversary! My parents eloped and were happily married and in love for 40 years before he died.

  5. Happy belated Anniversary! Wow...22 years!


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