Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

Today was Wayne's Birthday he is 46 today. This is the first time he had to work on his birthday, poor baby. His brothers went to Florida. So there has to be one boss at work.
I got him a movie and a video game. He is so hard to buy for as if he wants something he just goes out and gets it, just like his father.
The girls bought him this movie, Zombieland. We went to the show to see it but he liked it so much that he wanted it. We watched it after supper. Is this a forced smile, LOL.
This is hubby's favourite cake. Black Forest Cake. So of course I had to get it for him.

No one other than Wayne really likes Black Forest cake. So the girls convinced me to get a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake. Ashley picked the pink icing for the wording.
Here is a second picture of this yummy, yummy slab of goodness. Honestly I didn't do this on purpose. For some unknown reason to me sometimes when I drag my pictures around they get copied. Any help? I would love to know why.

I worked most of the day. I am finished billing yahoo. Now I can play. Well sort of. The other wives (who also do part of the bookwork) have gone on a vacation to Florida with hubby's brothers (lucky buggers). So I get to do their book work as well (unlucky me).
Ashley and I were suppose to go out and take some more photos for her client. But it was an over cast day, so hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day.
Yesterday I posted the purse that I made. Today I will post the contents.
-Bank books, my dad's is there as well as I do his banking.
-Lip gloss
-Info. such as OHIP (health cards), licence and such
-Cell phone
-Loose change
-pop tabs. You may think this strange but I collect them for an org. that makes wheelchairs
-Candy, guess I ate the chocolate mints that were in there teehee
-lists, receipts, and some Canadian Tire money

So what do you carry in your purse? Is there something strange you have in your purse?

Happy Tuesday.


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  1. Happy belated birthday to your hubby. Cake looks YUMMY.

    You don't want to know what I carry in my purse. I will tell you that when we had that tomato scare here last year, I actually carried a couple of slices of tomato with me when ever I went to my favorite burger joint (red robin) cuz they were not serving tomatoes! I just can't eat a burger without tomato. Problem is.....I didn't use up ALL the tomato I had stashed in the little baggy in my purse...and I forgot about it. Two weeks later, I had tomato puree leaking into my purse from that bag. Yeah, ewww.


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