Friday, February 26, 2010

I got an Award

I feel so honored. Marlene over at Gave me an award for my blog. Thank you Marlene I really do feel honored. You made my day.
I am suppose to spread the blog love and pick 5 blogs that I like and give them an award. The sad thing is I don't know how to post links on here. I am a copy and paste kind of person. I know eh how sad it that. You're probably are wondering how I eat with utensils.
Ok let me try something. Yeah it worked. This is the award Marlene gave me. I saved it to my pictures.
Now I need to figure out to post a link on here. One step at a time. Don't rush me! I get flustered easily. And then the cursing starts. And I can curse like a trucker (as my hubby likes to say).

Ok so now onto my day. Ashley and I went and did some banking today. Then we went and got the rest of Heather's Birthday gifts. Sharon came by for scrapbooking tonight. I haven't made a page in like forever. But I did make Heather a card. I haven't made cards in awhile.

Heather loved this owl. She wanted me to buy it. I was like what would I do with an owl stamp. So I made sure I put it on a card for her. The black part of the owl is embossed. The rest is paper pieced. I usually don't like to paper piece because I don't like to fussy cut.
My LSS told me I won't be taking any of her card classes as I don't like to do this. My girlfriend wasn't to happy with her for that comment. Like I need one of her classes anyway. LOL.
I was so tired today. Probably because hubby was snoring like Fred Flintstone last night. I swear the dresser drawers were opening and closing. HAHAHA. Remember that. Boy I crack myself up. Well I didn't get my nap in. I tried, believe me I tried. The phone rang, it was long distance, my step mom (that sounds weird I never refer to her as my step mom), then Ashley and Kristy decided to wrap Heather's gift in my room, then my dad phoned, then it was close to supper. Lastly I snuck for a short one before Sharon came by, but Ashley came in and turned on the light to borrow my shirt.
Friday Yeah, sleeping in tomorrow that's for sure.


  1. Hi Tracy!
    To post a link: Click on New Post. When you have the box open, hover over the icons at the top and you will find one that says "link". Click that and just add the address that you want to link.

  2. Just surfed across you. Congrats on the award. Im loving your cards, tell your LSS teacher to stick it!
    Ps in your blog writer write the word you want to turn into a link, highlight it, then click on the lil world with a paper clip looking thing on it, that is up the top of the writing box, next to the T with the coloured square box, and past your link into the lil box that comes up! Hope that made sense!

  3. Forgot to add- first type in the address in your new post. Then highlight it and THEN hit the link icon.

  4. Girl. You crack me up. You are so bass-ackwards, I love it. You can post a stinkin' tutorial complete with video and audio, but you can't click a button to form a link?! Bwaahaahaa. You make me giggle. (Oh, and I haven't got a stinkin' clue how to youtube believe me, I'm not dissing you!)

    Yes, your blog deserved an award, cuz you're just about one of the sweetest people I "know" inside the box that sits on my desk.

    Your card is cute - and for the record, I like that owl!

    You cracked me up with the snoring Fred Flintstone remark about the drawers opening and closing....I remember that, too! HA HA HA.

    Have a great day, girl!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love the card :-D and owls are IN - so you can use it with wild abandon on all your layouts ;-)

    - but that LSS comment would have made me STEAM!!

  7. Hey Tracy,

    Congrats on the award!! That's awesome. The card is super cute. The icon that Tanya is talking about looks like a little globe with a chain link around it. I think the globe is usually a green color. Good luck with linking.


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