Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lazy Wednesday ya right

Today was a rest day, sort of.

After Kristy went to school I went back to bed for a bit. Then I did Jillian Michael's "30 day shred". I will feel that tomorrow.
Then I had to go and pick up some papers from the accountant. I promised the girls bagels. Every Wednesday the Bagel Place has a bakers dozen for $5.00. So went and picked them up. Was going to go to Michael's but was to tired. Can you believe to tired to go to Michael's. Lastly went to the grocery store to pick up cream cheese.

Then went home for a nap.

I finished the paper bag album that I was making. It was fun I want to make some more. Here is the front cover. I am not happy with the closure. I used one of Tim Holtz grunge board hinges. I painted it and then attached a flower to it. I think that it is to tight. The Velcro seems to pull.
I am hoping that my daughter can use her camera tomorrow to video the inside, as there would be too many pictures.
Here is some more organizing. This cart has 4 drawers. All full of papers, I think I may have too much paper. Is that possible?
This is how I label all my drawers as I think it is pretty. I use Stampin' Ups scallop punch then 2 smaller punches. I use my label maker to make the tag and then use the corner rounder. It gives it a nicer image. Ya I know a little OCD.
Here is this bottom drawer is where I store my paper kits. I don't normally buy kits, but I get them for gifts. Aren't I special?
These are my pull out containers. I got them from Michael's and they are perfect for projects on the go or work in progress pages.
This one here I keep all my camp/cottage journal stuff in. I have my journal, some outdoor stamps and photos. I bring this to camp it is all together so I don't have to think about what I need to take as it is all there.
This one I have pages in progress. I am working on my youngest daughter Kristy's grade 8 grad. I just can't seem to get the colours right. I should work on it this Friday.
Well that was my lazy Wednesday. How was yours.


  1. Your paper bag album looks really cute! And I am SO SORRY that you were too tired to go to Mike's! That's just tragic! LOL!

  2. The paper bag album is adorable. No, it is not possible to have too much paper...LOL. I love your OCD. HA HA. Embrace it!! Organization rules!!! (Yeah, I'm sick.)


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