Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love to organize. Really I do.

My home may not always look that way, but it is one of my passions. I lay awake at night thinking of the different crafts I could be making. Or how best to organize a closet or cupboard. I know its a sickness really.

So anyway, I love my craft room, and I love to stamp. So I want to make this area into my stamping area. You know like in kindergarten there is a designated area for each activity. Well my craft room isn't that big, but I want to try and do this. This is a large pegboard that I painted the same colour as my room.

Now that is all cleaned up I have a clean work space to work with.
I know I need a light above this work area, and some type of back splash or trim so nothing can fall behind the bottom cupboards.
I want to store my stamp pads, sponges and cleaner/pad. Some stamps, alcohol inks (which are in the tiny baskets), embossing powder (I was going to put those in the baskets too. but emboss the colour on the lid), heat gun and other stuff related to stamping.
I was also thinking of having my cuttle bug and folders on one half of this as well.
If anyone has any suggestions I would truly appreciate it.

On 2 peasinabucket website last year Wookiemouse did an organizational challenge. I started late in the year, way late in the year. I will share with you my process of the paper challenge.
1st I pulled out all of my paper. There is a pool table under all that paper. I took all my stacks apart and organized them by colour. This took about a week, no lie.
Here is how I separated my paper. Each scallop matches the colour that is in the drawer. This one is red, then yellow/orange, then green.
At the very bottom those containers have snap lids and I can take them with me if I want. The 1st one is projects that I am currently working on, 2nd is Christmas paper and embellishment and anything related to Christmas and winter. 3rd is my camp/cottage journal that I am working on. 4th is to grow.

This is how all these container look like inside my cabnet.

Here is how I store my card stock. First one is plain card stock, then textured card stock, pattern card stock, and then my 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.

Seriously why does this happen to me, a double picture. This sneaky little bugger was hiding at the bottom of my post. I was finished my posting so I didn't want to start over. But since it is here I may as well tell you how I decorated it . I used burgundy bristol board then stamped the flourishes with versa mark. The tags are with card stock and my label maker.

Well hope you had a good Thursday.



  1. This looks great! I love that you set up a stamping 'center!' So fun! LOL!

  2. U have been busy.. it all looks fantastic!

  3. Good for you getting organized. I started with the wookiemouse program at the beginning of the year. Got my desk cleared off and started scrapping. It looks just like it did at the end of december :(

  4. I love organization! I'm an anal freak when it comes to organization in my scraproom. :) Although I've managed to sort most of my cardstock by color (ROYGBIV), my patterned paper is sorted by manufacturer. (That may yet change...I haven't decided).

  5. Wow! I love how you have organized. I may have to try this myself. I have been trying to figure out how to organize my paper, so this definitely helps. I definitely need to get some of the containers with a snap lid. Maybe a cart with the snap lid containers.


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