Saturday, February 13, 2010

Proud to be Canadian

I just finished watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
I didn't get to see the beginning as I was scrapbooking with my GF Debbie. Oh come on you would have too.
What I did see was awesome. The stage was really cool.
Even Debbie stayed after midnight to watch the Openings. It was way past her bedtime.

Today I did the company banking, as well as mine. Took Ashley and Heather to the "Blue Parrot" for lunch. Went grocery shopping for the family and my dad.
Went and brought my dad his groceries. When I got there he was sleeping in his recliner. He has been so sore lately that I didn't want to wake him up. So I put away his groceries, cleaned his kitchen, and turned down his TV. He is not deaf but damn his tv was loud.
He was still asleep when I was ready to go, so I wrote him a note, put it on his lap and left.
He phoned me later to ask if I was going to be able to bring him his groceries tomorrow. I laughted and told him about the note. He then found it. He said, "Oh you like to tease old people don't you?" "You were probably laughing at me and making faces while I was asleep."
Funny guy.

I started another paper bag mini. When I bought the paper bags last week I bought 2 different sizes. The size that I used for the last one and smaller ones. This one is so cute.
My GF Debbie loves it. Even Kristy's friends were here and loved it.
Kristy's friends were very interested in what Debbie and I were making. They wanted us to show them how to make a card or something. Deb says to me "Well you wanted to teach."
These girls were so hyper tonight I don't think they would have learned to much besides who could have inked each other the most. LOL

I should go to bed now. But I think I will be crafting for awhile yet tonight. I can sleep in tomorrow.

Here is to a wonderful Friday. And a better Saturday.


  1. Hi Tracy ~ Just wanted to come say "hi" and wish you a happy weekend! Thank you for always visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It makes my day :) I love your blog ... it's so pretty. The story about your dad was funny. Love your "winter" flowers!
    {{{Hugs}}} ~Erika

  2. You're such a sweet daughter! Your dad sounds like a funny guy. :)

    I watched the Olympics last night, too. LOVED it. Definitely made me homesick. :( I especially loved the virtual floor with the "whales" swimming by. How cool was that?

    Thanks so much for always leaving a comment on my blog, too. So appreciated. (Makes my day, too.... and I love to come here and read your latest, too!)

  3. I loved the opening ceremony! Very beautiful and well done- you should be proud to be Canadian!


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