Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My daughter Heather has been shredding paper for our company. She actually enjoys it. Mind you she is getting paid quite well to do it so I am sure that is why.
We have already recycled 24 large lawn bags. Well this morning hubby put out another 20 bags.

I don't think that the recycle guy was to impressed. I think he had to go and empty his truck after he left our house. LOL. Well at least they aren't heavy.
Today was a nice clear day, cold but clear. So Ashley and I were able to go and take the pictures that she needed for her client. I took some too. Not as good as hers but I like how they turned out. Here is the Terry Fox monument we have in town. We wanted to get the Canadian flag in the picture, but the wind wouldn't co operate with us.I can't believe that we found some open water.
Here is our town at night.

As you can see I am no photographer. I am a crafter. But lately you wouldn't know that as I haven't created anything. I did tidy up my desk, that could be considered creative can't it. This is the before picture.
Here is the after picture. Doesn't it make you want to go and create something. I am trying to organize a stamping area. I will post pictures tomorrow and maybe get some feed back from all of you creative bloggers.

Hope your Wednesday was as full as mine was.



  1. Look at your nice clean space! I need to do that. Again. LOL! Those bags of paper shred are so fun! They make me want to make stuffies and fill them with shredded paper!!!

  2. We recently did a lot of shredding, too...and don't think our recycle guy was too keen! I so remember Terry Fox! I was living in Ontario at the time (my birthplace, actually). Such a courageous young man.

  3. Looks like you're all set to craft now. Wish my desk was that clean ;0)

  4. ooh ooh I have shredding - does she want to come down here and do some more *LOL*


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