Thursday, May 6, 2010

Edit Failed. But left you a layout.

I am so upset.
I finished and edited my video for my nephew's mini word book. I wanted it to fit in the 10 minutes that YouTube allows so I had to edit the heck out of the thing. Then when I transferred it to Movie Maker and it fades in and out, it cut off so much of the words that even I couldn't understand what I was doing LOL, BooHoo. See I don't know weather to laugh or cry.
I guess I will have to put it in two parts.
So I stayed up till 3:54 am for nothing Grrrr.

I will share a layout I did a few years ago. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to see these cuties up at camp. They are very timid. Hubby got these beautiful photo's of them. He is so patient. Not me. I sat in the rain to get a picture of a mama Kingfisher then gave up, I hid behind a tree and she still wouldn't sit still for a picture. Hubby would have camped out for the perfect picture.

I didn't get any crafting in at all today. Unless you want to include editing the video that went down hill. I do not.
I made my dad his stew today. He got me to get 4 lbs of beef. He has lots of stew,LOL. I will freeze some of it for him.

Took Ashley driving and did a few errands.

That seems to be about it.
My mind is not functioning as I am so tired, so off to bed. I probably won't even notice hubby's snoring I am so tired LOL.
I am going to change the time and date on this post as my goal is to post everyday. And because I haven't gone to bed yet, my mind says its still Thursday.

Hope you got to create today.



  1. Tracy,
    I love this lil layout. Sorry about the video. Just relax take a deep breat and try it again.
    I am now following you

  2. I won't even attempt a video because I know I'll never figure it out. They scare me! I love the layout. I have a thing for hummingbirds. I put up about 3 feeders and they just flock to them. In fact if I don't put them out soon enough they fly in front of my sliding doors and stare in at me lol.

  3. Fantastic photos in that layout! (The layout is cool, too!)

    Up until almost 4 a.m.?!!! How do you function, girl!

  4. sorry the video didn't work out, but I love how you got such great pictures of the birds! :) We see a few around here, but they are FAST!!

  5. Great pictures.

    My grandma used to eat the same thing every day.

  6. I love hummingbirds! I sat up a feeder in front of my window and got some great pics last year, by just sitting quietly in a chair :)


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