Monday, May 10, 2010

I received a tag from a celebrity YouTuber

Happy Monday.
Today I received a tag from a celebrity You Tuber. Gale "The Happy Stamper". And I tell you this lady is happy with a capital "H". I found her while stalking neighbouring crafter's. As soon as she started talking I just smiled. She is so happy you can't help but be in a better mood after listening to her.
Gale was asking for people to swap tags with her. I have never done a decorative tag before, so I thought what the heck. My mini album swap was a huge success, why not.
Here is the tag Gale made for me. Double click to get a full screen on the video.

So today I did get some time to work on my nephew's mini. I would love to know how some women make mini albums in one day. Seriously I am lucky if I get one page done in a day. Either I am a perfectionist or my clock runs faster then everyone else's.

I have a blogging question. Surprise, surprise. How do you get your YouTube videos on the side of your blog. I was on a blog and they had it on their blog. So I went to get this widget. Well it showed up on my blog, but with her video's . LOL. Guess I didn't do it right.

Well I have 2 or 3 quick meals ready for the week. As I am planning on finishing my nephew's mini by the end of the week. So easy meals are a must. As you know how much I love to cook, did you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice. LOL. I would love to enjoy cooking but that is not the case, Hubby says I have other talents though. Get your minds out of the gutter. I am sure he meant my crafting ;)

Here is to the beginning of the week, lets hope it is a creative one



  1. I think I have the same clock you do. I am the world's slowest scrapper.

  2. I'm a quicky..hehe;p I tried the Youtube gadget and you enter your blogs name then save it once you see your vid's. However, after a bit it it went back to all the other video's that have nothing to do with cards.

    How's the new pink baby????

  3. Maybe you should host a tag swap on 2Ps...

    And I second the cooking thing! I'm on my own this no cooking for anyone! Yeah!

  4. Loved your video and the tag that Gale made for you :) Can't wait to see what you come up with for the swap :)

  5. Your video was great Tracy and the tag from Gale was so pretty. I have seen a Tag album on someone elses blog...with little pockets on each page so you can slide the tags in & out....maybe another project for you after you finish you nephews mini :)
    Debbie x

  6. Tracy,
    I love it. I have no advice for ya as far as the yourtube, mine did the same thing. If I figure it out, I will let ya know.

  7. Well, I have no tech advice, not my forte!
    Btw, your hearsay comment on my blog made me laugh out loud! I wanted to comment right away, but the exam kept me busy -- I had another one today. Hope you had a great Mother's Day--off to read your post!

  8. Just got a chance to catch up on your them. Please keep doing them. Your cooking/talent comment cracked me up!
    I also do not like to cook so the easier the recipe the better.

  9. The Happy Stamper :)May 12, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    Hey Tracy,
    OMGoodness Girlie! I love this video!!! You are so sweet to have made a video of you opening it. Your daughters idea of doing a collage is fantabulous. Love it!!!
    It was my pleasure to swap with you & we will do somemore in the near future. I wanna see the album you are working on chica.
    Happy Huggs,
    Gale The Happy Stamper :)

  10. Tracy,
    you could always turn the tags into the mini book. Just put a binder clip on them and then you could flip through them. What is the deadline for the tag swap. I would love to give it a whirl.
    I would have cussed too if my family got that for me too! WOW lucky girl. I did how ever get a gift card for Joann's, flowers and chocolate. So that was a happy moment.
    Happy weekend


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