Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some tags and Jamie Oliver

I will share some of the tags that I made during the crop. I had to finish them at home as I didn't have my supplies with me that I wanted.
I am a little upset as when I uploaded these to "Picnic" the pictures were enlarged. Not only that but my photo's are really bright, it takes away from the detail of them
I wanted to do a seasonal theme with these tags.
Here is "Spring"

Here is "Summer"
Here is "Autumn"
Here is "Winter"
I will make a video on these tomorrow. I will explain how I made these. I have never done a decorative tag before so be easy on me. :)
I have about 8 ladies that want to do a "tag swap" with me. This may change when they take a look at these LOL.
I had a weird dream last night. I always have lots of weird dreams.
Jamie Oliver was in my dream. He helped my hubby and I grocery shop. He said the reason we were fat was because we didn't eat properly. LOL
He went to get us some meat, and hubby told him that he only used a certain cut of meat. Jamie told him that is why you are fat and started pinching his rolls LOL.
I said is that why I am over weight (which I am not by the way) he said yup its all Wayne's fault.
Then I tried to put on some of my clothes and they were too tight. Like I couldn't even fit my arm in them.
So lets read this dream shall we.
1. Jamie is a little hottie
2. I need to eat healthier
3. I need to loose the 10 lbs that I have been beating myself up about.
4. Its all my hubby's fault :)
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?


  1. Your dream is so funny.

    Your tags are beautiful. I love them all.

  2. Wow - who wouldn't want to swap tags with you?! These are gorgeous!!!

  3. great tags Tracy, love the top one. I have a thing for butterflies. Love the colors on the fall and winter ones too. Have since I was wee little. like a 100 yrs ago. LOL
    I have to eat better too. I don't feel very well these days and I know it is what crap I am eating. I have 20 lbs to loose. I am a medium sized girl.
    Have fun at camp with your sister.

  4. Well, Jamie didn't *lie* did he?
    (except for the "you're fat" part)

  5. Love the tags,... too cute. Great job!

  6. I love your tags Tracy, they are wonderful.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  7. Love, Love, LOVE your tags! They are gorgeous! And I agree, that Jaime Oliver IS a little hottie!!

  8. Hi Tracy,

    You are much too hard on yourself :) Your tags are beautiful. I really like the butterfly ones, I am partial to butterflies or winged things. I am guilty of not eating properly too, but in my defense, I DO take a multi-vitamin. LOL Does that count.

    Have a great day and have fun at that scrapping camp. Sounds like it would be a BLAST!


  9. Tracy,
    These are cute tags, and always I love your work and your stories.
    Wow, what a dream. I dream about bugs and snakes and you get to dream about a hottie chef.

  10. LOL! That's a wicked funny dream! Your tags are SO cute! You did a great job with them!

  11. very nicely done.. thanks for sharing...

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tags. I especially love the fall one because that is my favorite season.

    Your dream was too funny. Maybe it's all those huge burgers your hubby makes!


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