Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Firstly I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on my word book.
You ladies are awesome. Every time you leave a comment it shows me that I made the right decision on doing this blog.
I didn't get any crafting in today, well I did tidy my desk off. Does that count?
So here I will share a layout I did a few years ago. The girls are fishing with their daddy. When they fish it is just for a photo shoot, LOL. Sorry honey.

I am a 2 page scrapbooker. I only seem to do 2 page spreads and they have to coordinate, and have symmetry to them. This is a very simple layout. I cut the strips of paper and weaved them at the corners. I matted the pictures on card stock. The chipboard pieces are covered with pattern paper.

I have always kept journals. I started in about grade 7. My one girlfriend had one, and I thought that it was so cool. I also thought she had a perfect life. She had the most beautiful bedroom, her curtains, bedspread and lamps all matched. She had a dresser with a huge mirror and shelves on either side. Plus she had her own bedroom. I had a few sleepovers at her house. I don't think she was ever was at my house. I lived in a trailer (oops sorry mobile home to be politically correct) and both my sister and brother and I shared a room.
Back to the journals (ya I get side tracked easily). I have about 6 journals of my life. My sister is just itching to read them. LOL.
I thought that this blog would be my journal as I seemed to stop writing in mine a few years ago. I love to do all kinds of crafts and thought that this is a perfect outlet to share with others.

I thought that I would try something different. In a lot of my journals I would post 3 things that I was happy or grateful for. Even on the bad days when sometimes it was breathing, or having a piece of chocolate. I would have to write down 3 things.
So I am going to try and have Thursdays as Thankful Thursdays. Pretty clever eh?

So here are my 5 things for the day.

1. Health of my family
2.Left overs
3. Having my own place to craft.
4. Comments on my blog :)
5. Chocolate

What are you thankful for this Thursday.



  1. 1. A roof over my head.
    2. Family that loves me (blah blah blah lol)
    3. 18 chickens and 4 ducks that love me when I bring them peas.
    4. Blog comments and nice ladies :) that stop by and leave them.
    5. Photography skillz

  2. I love your layout. It's a nice, simple design that shows off your photos. I love your gratitude list. I am grateful for:
    1. It's Friday-last day of work week.
    2. I have a scrapbook to work on.
    3. My little Jack Russell terrier, Abby
    4. My Husband and Son
    5. Air conditioning-cannot survive without it in Florida.

  3. I'm thankful to be back to internet access! I've been out of the loop yet again. Gorgeous photos and pretty layout! I can only do the two page, coordinated spreads too. I've never liked it when I did anything else. But then, I haven't scrapbooked in like, a kajillion years.

  4. That is such a nice layout. It's funny how we all evolve with our hobbies. When I first started scrapbooking, I only did two page spreads. Than I morphed into single pages with multiple pictures. And now, unless it's a special occasion or a celebration of some sort, I'm pretty much a one page/one photo scrapper.
    I too have always journaled. It's my therapy. My blog is my therapy these days,... much cheaper than going to see someone :-)

  5. Beautiful layout, I love it :) You are pretty dedicated to keep up a journal for so many years. I always tried but then gave up. I guess I should try again since my blog is more crafty and less journaly.

  6. Beautiful layout.

    I am thankful for:
    1. That I survived my childhood
    2. For the Atonement of Christ
    3. For the health and good nature of my children
    4. For my education
    5. For the beauty of the Earth

  7. Cute layout! I suck at two pagers! I'm pretty much a single page layout girl....of course, I haven't done a layout in probably close to six months now! *gasp*

    Today I am thankful for:
    1. Life and all its precious gifts from God.
    2. Family
    3. Friends (including my bloggy friends)
    4. Good food. (LOTS of good food...heehee.)
    5. My cute shih-Tzu.

  8. Love the layout! I do both 1 and 2 pagers. The only thing I don't like about some 2 page layouts are when people cut right through the middle of the picture. That so irks me. My pages don't butt up against each other perfectly so that picture would look ridiculous.

    5 things I'm thankful for.

    1. you following and commenting on my blog (at least I have 1 person LOL)
    2. My husband coming home from work early. I love getting more time with him.
    3. My kids. They may have been a handful today but at least I've got them.
    4. Finally figuring out that updating Windows Movie Maker allows for import of MP4 files.
    5. Getting some scrappy time in today and maybe a little bit more later on.

  9. Very cool tracy as my blog is sorta a journal too but have gotten away from it lately.
    Ok, thankful thursdays huh?
    1. My son made it safely home from Germany
    2. Hubby changed his additude.
    3. My life and the blessings and struggles it holds.
    4. My faith as it sees me through the toughest of moments.
    5. knowing I will have a new studio soon.
    Great post today.
    I updated as well. I will try more often.


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