Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Work Complete and a Messy Desk

Yeah I balanced month end!!!! So i just have to mail these tomorrow and I should be good to go on my album. Well I do have to phone a few customers and kindly remind them that they haven't made a payment for like 3 months. I hate that part. I feel guilty asking them for money that they owe us. Oh well thems the breaks.
It hailed and rained here today. Funny weather everyone is getting. I hear we are suppose to get snow on Friday. Not looking forward to that.

During my blog stalking, I mean browsing today, I noticed that some bloggers have posted "Wordless Wednesdays". Well I thought, there is no way I could do that as I love to talk to much.
Imagine going the whole day without talking. I have trouble doing this when I am mad at hubby, I don't think I could go a whole hour without talking. I talk to myself when no one is around, OK I still talk to myself when others are around. And yes I do answer myself as well.
OK back to this wordless Wednesday. I could not do that in a million years.
But some bloggers have posted a picture of their desk as is. OK I am brave, I could do this. I am sad to say that I haven't been working on anything since last Sunday. So it has been like this since then. Actually it doesn't look that bad. See there is a space on the top right hand side. Usually there is a pile there as well.

Funny how if this was my dinning room table I would never share it, but it is fine because it is my scrap/craft table.

I went and did the taping for hubby's cousin. So that is off my todo list. I just have to get someone (Ashley teehee) to email it to said cousin.
I went and picked up my dad's prescription this afternoon, he could have got it delivered, but he likes me to visit. Filled out some paper work for him, with his arthritis acting up he couldn't do it himself. Visited with him for a bit. Not long as I wanted to get my work done. Then came home and worked.
Ashley's friends came over this afternoon. Ashley dyed Michelle's hair (Hi Michelle, I heard you read my whole blog last night)(wow you must have been bored).
That is about all I did today. Fun isn't it. Not.
Hope you all had a exciting day, in a good way. Here is to me crafting tomorrow. :)


  1. Tracy,
    doesn't it feel good to be done? I bet it does. I finished spring cleaning the kitchen today and started the laundry room. Scrubbed the stupid floor on my hands and knees but it sure looks nice. What a job though.
    Wordless Wednesdays. Well don't think I could do that either. I yack at myself too and answer sometimes. Someone has to listen to me, no one else does around here. LOL
    Off to work with me. Have fun tomorrow working-um playing.

  2. have one messy desk, chicky. ;)

    YAY you for balancing the books. Now you can play.

    I can't do wordless Wednesday. I can't do wordless anything. Like you, I like you yak, yak, yak.

  3. You crack me up!:-D I am so glad that I am not the only one to talk to myself and answer. Right now, I can't even walk in my crap, I mean, craft room. It has been driving me crazy to not create. I do not have the nerve to post pics at this point on my blog. I'll do it someday, though.

  4. A messy desk is a creatively used desk if you ask me! That's my story and I'm stick'n to it! HA!

  5. yay! for getting paperwork done. I should do that... someday.

    I used to do collections for the company I worked for. I found the best way to deal with it, was to be REALLY NICE and find the person that cut the checks or the person in charge of the person cutting checks. Lots of times, they'd be embarassed to death and I'd have $$ in a few days.

    I collected MY ENTIRE INCOME in outstanding bills in just a few months. Funny, the company begrudged me a $1/hr raise.

    I left shortly after that.

    Hope they miss me! lol

  6. Hey that looks like my workspace! Now you can play with fun paper, not yucky numbered paper!


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