Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes I am a big softie, right Rose.

I just wanted to share that "Summer is on its way" yeah. Here are my purple irises. I found them a few years ago in a heap of concrete at my hubby's company pit. I guess someone was redoing their yard and just dumped the whole lot. :) So I grabbed them and planted them by the side door.

Hubby was bored tonight, and when he is bored he seems to want to go to Canadian Tire and shop. Tonight he asked me if I wanted to go to Micheal's. He wanted to get me a couple of Cricut cartridges. At first I said no, they aren't on sale. I only use coupons at Micheals as everything is double the price then what it should be. He informed me that he was going to spend the money on me or Canadian Tire. So I agreed. I did convince him to only buy me one cartridge though. At 125.00 taxes included, it crazy.
I sooo want Tags, Bags, Boxes and More. But I can't find it in town. :(

Kristy's friend Brianna came by tonight. Her mom is a scrapbooker and she sells Stamp'n Up products. We got to talking and then she came over for tea. She invited me to go to a crop tomorrow. It is from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight. Its $10.00 and you get a whole table to yourself. I haven't gone to one of these before.
I decided to go. I will make my tags and do my camp journal/scrapbook there. I have no idea what to bring. I think I packed to much.
When I go with my girlfriend Debbie we rent a cabin and scrap for 3 or 4 days. So we pack a lot. But then again it is for many days.
Next weekend me and my girls go to my SIL camp and scrap the whole long weekend. So I am use to packing for long periods of time.
I have brought two large bags for tomorrow. I am debating if I should bring my scraps in the middle.Today I brought Ashley to her friend Adam's house. After we (Heather and I) dropped her off we went to Chapters Book Store. We love book stores. Then to Staples to look for those big tags for my tag swap, they didn't have them so I will have to make my own. Then we phoned in an order of 4 cheese spinach dip from Montana's and brought it home to eat. Shhh that part is a secret.
I really enjoyed my day with Heather. We discussed her new book she is writing, and the creative process and her passion in writing.
Funny story. Well actually it a pathetic story LOL. Last night the older girls stayed up late to watch some shows downstairs. Rose (Heather's cat) thought that Heather should be in bed and wouldn't stop meowing. It echoed though out the house. Now Rose is such a scaredy cat, most people don't even know we have a cat (we have had her for 13 yrs).
So I figured if I lay in Heather's bed maybe Rose would shut up. Well it worked. I pet her until "I" fell asleep. So I pet her for about 20 mins. Then I woke up with a start as she wasn't beside me, she moved down to my feet. I used to do this with the kids when they were little. I would sneak out and if they woke up I would tell them I was going pee then they would just fall back asleep. LOL
But I couldn't very well tell the cat that. Luckily Heather came in her room. I startled her as she didn't expect anyone in her bed. LOL.
Now its one thing to be a push over to your hubby and children, But the cat. Yes I have hit a new low. LOL.
Hope your Friday was a good one, and hope your weekend is even better.


  1. I love the iris. Your husband is a sweetie. Have a great time at your crop.

  2. Hope you enjoy your crop and have a great time.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Too funny! It's nice to know your cat is as bonkers as ours. Very pretty flowers!

  4. What a generous husband! Looks like a fun cartridge you picked. I got my Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge on E-bay for about $20 US.

  5. lovely flowers and so nice hubby will go and spend money on you like that. 125.00 is pretty steep. WOW.
    Okay now you are catering to the kitty too. Well your family is loved that is for sure.LOL
    Too funny and yes, I have done it for the cat and dogs both. LOL
    Have a good one.

  6. $125 for a Cricut Cartridge?!!! WHOA!!! That's gotta be worth a lot of you know what kind of favors for hubby!!!!! ;)

    I've seen Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridges here for around $30 on occasion. Want me to keep my eye out?

  7. new cartridges ROCK.
    but you guys get so screwed on Michaels pricing up there.

  8. So funny! I don't have human children, but I have 5 furr-babies, and I completely understand about not wanting to disturb them when they are sleeping...the things I do and contortions I get myself into at night are hysterical!


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