Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All my girls at work....check

All my girls were working today.
Yes, Ashley is still at her job. We know she is going to quit soon, just waiting for the day, lol.
But today Heather and Kristy went to the pit and worked. They have to paint the old garage.
There are a lot of other odd and end jobs for them to do. I dropped them off at 9:00am and they got a ride back with their Aunty Sharon at 5:00pm.
Kristy wants to quit already, LOL. Heather...well she likes money in her bank, so she will go as long as they need her. Heather won't let Kristy quit until the painting job is finished.
I forgot my camera so I don't have a picture :(

Now you would think that because all the girls weren't at home that I would get lots of time to myself. Well you would be wrong.
My day...
Took Ashley to work.
Picked up paint and tools for the painting job.
Took Heather and Kristy out to the pit.
Did my dad's banking.
Picked up dad's groceries.
Went to Meat shop and picked up dad's steaks.
Visited dad.
Went and did some errands for hubby.
Went to DQ for Ashley's BDay cake for tomorrow.
Came home and took a shower.
Returned some business calls.
Did some billing
Tidied up a tad.
Went and picked up Ashley from work.
Made supper.
Got gas and a car wash....seagull crapped all over my jeep.
Went to Safeway for munchies as Sharon and Jim came by.

Maybe I will get in some time for me tomorrow.
How was your Wednesday, hope you got some crafting in.



  1. Wow - I got tired just READING your list.....but I must admit I laughed out loud when I read "seagull crapped all over my jeep"!

  2. Me too Marlene, I laughed at the seagull crap.... No crafting for me yesterday or today or tomorrow, well maybe afternoon on Friday but I am certain I will at the weekend....

  3. Can't believe you fit that all in one day!

  4. Isn't that just the way. Get free time so you have to do all the errands while you can. Sounds like you got a lot done though! Congrats on all the girls having a job! That's no small feat these days. :)

  5. You are a busy lady! Funny that them working is so much work for you! I also couldn't scrap all my photos--life just moves too fast:)


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