Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another beautiful day at our cottage

Here is the book I read yesterday.
It is about a boy who was friends and had a crush on this girl since he was 9 yrs old. They both went their own ways and had their own friends. Then one night she showed up at his window and took him on a night of his life. The next day she was missing and he tries to figure out why and where.
I love the banter between the friends. It is a fast read and pretty entertaining.

It was another beautiful day today. Nice and hot, just the way I like it. Everyone went swimming today. Well except me, I just put my feet in the water. Hubby told me to go in past my knees as my left one has been bothering my since we started painting. Guess its time to see the doctor.
Here is the rabbit the hangs around our camp. I have some pictures of it (if it is the same one teehee) when it was a baby bunny. The reason it is blurry is because the neighbours dogs chased it. Ya put your dog on a leash lady.

We put the baseboards in the bedrooms today. It looks really good. Looks like new. Of course I forgot to take pictures of them. Now we just have to get Heather a new bed. She slept in Ashley and Kristy's room this weekend. Ashley said that she was a guest in their room and had to sign their guest book. teehee. I think she was teasing me, as I have a guest book at camp and make everyone write something in it when they stay with us.

I went for a few walks and on the way back I saw the motel lady watering her flowers. She said we can use her wifi for a small fee. The girls will be happy to hear that. Plus then I can blog from camp :)
I asked to see her quilts. She was more then happy to show them to me. They are beautiful. She gets another women (who owns a long arm machine) to do the detail quilting.
I wish I could piece quilt like that. Oh I need more time in my day to do and learn all the things I want to know.

Hubby and I did a dump run to get rid of the crap at camp, like the play on words LOL.
This is the sky on our way back. Those clouds are very dark. We got lots of rain and some thunder.
Ashley and I were painting shelves for the bedroom closets. We had to run everything into the garage as the rain started.
We spent the evening inside. The girls watched TV and played video games. I worked on my camp journal. I am finished 2008, think I am a tad behind LOL.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.



  1. That picture looks eerie I could almost smell the rain, I love that smell....ozone I think it is? I am gonna add my fav smells to my blog now....

  2. Hey Tracy,
    I love the pic of the sky, it looks so neat.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Your bunny looks like a cat.

  4. Wow - look at those clouds! I love weather photos. :)

    Bunny is cute, too!

  5. That cloud is kinda skeery.


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