Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Ashley

Today was Ashley's 21st Birthday. Wow 21. What was I doing at 21? Oh that's right having Ashley. I had her 2 days before my 22nd Birthday. How times have changed. That was one of the happiest times in my life.
She was a difficult one. 36hours of labor. They had to finally get the doctor to sleep at the hospital. LOL. I remember seconds after I had her the doctor said "Well I'm going home and going to bed". I was thinking, I Just Had A Baby.... How could anyone sleep...We should all be celebrating.
She was 6 lbs.10 oz. And the most beautiful baby in the nursery. You don't have to take my word for it, every nurse told me that :)

Then as a toddler she was the sweetest. Very caring and gentle. She was the perfect big sister. Heather was born 18 months after Ashley.
Ashley wasn't scared of anything. My sister couldn't watch her play on the swings, as she would be flipping around the rungs.

She loved to dress up. The fancier the better. Barbies and dolls were her favorite toys. That and her stuffed doll "Baby", which she still has. She loved, and still does, to play video games. It was something that her and her dad bonded with.
Her and her sisters and cousin made the biggest Barbie town, it took over our whole basement. They sure had good imaginations.

Then she became a teenager. Now if you have teen daughters I don't need to explain these days with you LOL. Yes she was and still is a cheeky teen. I have said she should be a lawyer, she will argue her case, and in the end you agree with her. But I never wanted my daughters to keep quiet and don't ask questions. I want them to always ask questions and don't do something because someone thinks you should. I may have explained this one better to her LOL.

This layout is of her and her (then) boyfriend (they are still very close friends), going to their Semi Formal.
She is such a jokester. She loves to make faces and she seems to never be embarrassed.
She is very, very family oriented. Loves to spend time with her sisters. I think that is why they don't worry to much about having lots of friends because they have each other.

And this brings us to my Ashley at present. Not only is she a beautiful girl, she is smart and caring. If I was a teen I would be so proud to be like her. She is everything a mother could want in a daughter (actually all my girls are). I just wish she wouldn't worry so much. She worries about her future so much, I hope she is loving life as of right now.

Happy Birthday Ashley We all love you.

Now onto my day.

Drove Ashley to work.

Drove Heather and Kristy to work.
Hubby phoned with a tooth ache, so picked him up from work. Remember me washing my jeep yesterday. Well they watered the road, so now my jeep is muddy :(
Picked up lunch for Ashley and I. Montana's dip Yummy.

Went and had lunch with Ashley.
Cleaned out my whole jeep. A bucket of crusher fines fell in the back....messy.
Did some book work.
Picked up Heather and Kristy from work.

Picked up Ashley from work.
Picked up Subs for supper.
Went to Canadian Tire and Superstore with hubby.
Dyed my hair..Thanks Ashley :)
Hope your Thursday was a creative one.
Thankful Thursday. What are you Thankful for.
1. My daughters
2. Antibiotics for hubby's abscessed tooth.
3. Take out food
4. Vacuums
5. Hair Dye


  1. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!! You know, I have a photo of my first-born at the age of 2 in almost an identical dress....same color, too - red!

    That is one BIGGGGGGG cake!

  2. What a wonderful post. It's fun to look back, but good grief, where did the time go?

  3. lol ashley dyed your hair on her bday.. silly girl..

    ahaha the cake looks yummy!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ashley! Love the photo of her as a toddler in the red dress!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ashley! Cute post!


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