Saturday, July 17, 2010

I see me

I am posting this at camp, outside. So I am getting my reflection off the screen, scary, LOL.
We had perfect weather for our drive up here last night, (got 4 more butterflies crocheted :) about 3 minutes before we pulled into our drive it just started to pour.
I was going to stay in the truck until it stopped, but it let up enough for me to make a run for it. When I got inside Kristy was in the process of going outside to bring me an umbrella. What a sweetie.

I was going to try and post some pictures (Internet is slow here) but I forgot my camera cord at home.
Today is another beautiful day. I just love the fresh smell of the outdoors here. The lake smell is relaxing.
Went for a couple of short walks today. My new runners are real comfortable. Guess they were worth the price.
Might be able to have a fire tonight as it has rained, we will see.
I visited my neighbour Sonja. We lend books back and forth. Well she has a robin's nest on her porch. It has 3 eggs in it. Our baby birds have already flew away.

Well I should get going. Hubby and the girls are swimming and I am off to take a walk.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend



  1. Sounds like fun. Enjoy your time there!

  2. Awww sounds like you have a great time there. I am off to training tomorrow so will be able to post my envelope tag thingee I made from watching your video, I will post it over the next couple of days or so.Thanks so much for sharing so I can get creating x

  3. Your camp sounds very relaxing -- enjoy your weekend!

  4. Sounds like a great, relaxing time at the lake. Thanks for sharing!:-)

  5. Sounds like such a fun getaway every weekend!


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