Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Monday Again ?!?!

Today I was dragging my @ss. I should have gone for a nap after I drove Ashley to work, but I talked myself into going for my early morning walk.
That did perk me up though.
Kristy and her friend wanted to go to the movies today, so I drove her and her friend there.
Then I took Heather driving. She doesn't want to drive through town yet. Today was only her 3rd time driving. So we took some back roads. She is doing pretty good.
I got a bit of groceries and cooked supper.

Because hubby works and I am a supposedly stay at home mom. I like to have supper on the table when he gets home. So I timed it perfectly put the food in the oven at 4:00, pick up Ashley from work, and supper should be ready for 5:15 when Wayne get home.
I wondered why I didn't smell the food cooking when I got back, but didn't think about it again.
Well when it was time to take it out of the oven, I got nervous as the oven wasn't even warm. But the light was on. Guess what I did.....Turned on the timer, so the light was on, but no one was home teehee.
So I made hubby a sandwich to tie him over until supper was ready :)

I received some happy mail today. Yeah.

Thank you Jamie. This is some fun goodies, I can't wait to play with them all.

Tonight is a new "Obsessed". I really love this show. I can relate with most of these people. I can really understand how you can talk yourself into believing your obsessions. I have had to talk myself OUT of certain things. I remember making sure that the fringes on the rug were even and straight before I went to bed. Besides moving the carpet out of the dining room, I realized right then, that this was a problem. Thankfully.

Hope your Monday was a crafty one.



  1. I wish you were a customer of mine too a $400 order! how good would I feel about that, yippee... oh well hope you have got some great stuff I wish we had everything in your catalogue. Back to work for me this week so if I am not commenting it's because I have no internet access where I am with the job. On the list for the new iphone so it won't be a problem then, lol.

  2. WOW!! Look at all the goodies you got, girl! Love those prima flowers. I have some in a slightly darker color.

    Laughing at your oven mishap....only because that happened to me once, too!

  3. wow, what a lot of goodies :)

  4. HA! That is SO something I would do! LOL! Of course, that would require me trying to cook in the first place which doesn't happen. It looks like you got some great goodies!

  5. Wow, you got some great items! Love that binder!

  6. Love show and tell! Thanks for sharing your blog candy! I also like your kayaking picture. I watched obsessed too! I like hoarders but my husband can't keep quiet, it drives him crazy and I end up hearing, "that could be you, you're getting close!"

    I picked up the Tim Holtz Lost and Found paper too. I keep telling myself I don't need any more paper. But, you're right, they keep making such cool paper! That's were the pig card came from on my tag. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. Oh I did that once - left dinner in the crock pot all day long so had been sitting out at room temperature by the time I got home & I tossed it out.

    To add insult to injury, I teaching my goddaughter to cook at the time! Way to look like an expert! :-) :-)

  8. After working at dinner like that and forgetting to turn the oven on I would have made reservations!
    Can't see the picture for some reason!? Always fun to get new stuff in the mail though!


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