Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its My Birthday, goin party like it my birthday

The only thing is I don't party LOL.
Today is my 43rd Birthday. Wow where have all the years gone. Awww aren't I cute. Ya I still have that cowlick.
How did I spend my birthday you ask?
Well I woke up (we were at our camp/cottage) and hubby and I went blueberry picking. What better way to start my day.
We had to watch out as there were wasps all over. We realized that a bear had torn into two nests that were in the ground. The bear was there not that long before we got there.
Joy (my FIL's wife) and Ray (FIL) went picking the day before and told us about this great place to pick. Joy found some nice berries but they were by a wasps nest. Well no wasp is going to get the better of me. So I picked right beside it. Then looked to my right and I was in between 2 nests. But the berries were so big how could I not get them :)
After picking and cleaning my berries. Hubby and my girls gave me my gifts. They bought me a heart rate monitor watch, I have wanted one of these for a long time. They also gave me a $100.00 gift card to Micheal's. Yeah.
Then we went to Ray and Joys for some cake. Yumm. Joy knows I love carrot cake so she got this to celebrate Ashley, Ray and my birthdays. Since our birthdays are all a day apart we usually celebrate it at camp all together.

Then my brother David and my SIL Amanda came by on their way to Kakabeka. They are staying there for the week, then coming to our camp for the long weekend. This is the first time I got to see my nephew Tom. Oh my what a cutie.
Tom couldn't stop staring at Wayne. For some reason all little ones love to stare at him. I think it is because he doesn't make a fuss over them and they can't understand that, LOL. Tom had so much fun playing in the lake.

I had a good birthday. Just right for me.

Hope you have a good weekend.



  1. Happy belated birthday hope it was a good one x

  2. So glad you had a good birthday, it sounds like you had everyone around to make your birthday a good one.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Hope you had a great birthday! Sounds like you got spoiled, anyway. :)

    I don't know whether to call you brave or stupid for picking berries from between two wasps nests, though! LOL!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous birthday! Your little nephew is soooo cute!


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