Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lunch with a good Friend

This afternoon I took my bestest friend Debbie out for her Birthday lunch. Her birthday was on the 4th, but Sunday we were all up at our camps and Monday was a busy day for her at work. Well so was today, but she is always busy.
Here is a layout I did on our Friendship. I did this layout a few years ago, the pictures were taken a few years before that LOL. Actually that first one was taken when I was living on my own, so I was about 17 or 18, You do the math LOL. I couldn't find a good recent picture with the two of us.
Nice hair eh?

Debbie and I met through work. She invited me to eat lunch with her. And then I found out she was married to a guy that I went to school with. We also realized we went to the same kindergarten class, we could have even been in the same class. I even wrote about her in my grade 7 or 8 journal. My girlfriend (Robyn) and I would go to the mall and check out guys, you know you did that too. And the one guy I had my eye on (he had his eye on me too) was sitting with a blond girl. I later find out in our friendship that she was dating him, so she was the blond. Destiny, maybe.
Yes we have been through alot together. But one thing our friendship is still strong. We may not see each other as much as we would like, we may not talk to each other as much as we would like, but when we just pick up from where we were.

So ladies why don't you pick up the phone, call your girlfriend and make arrangements to get together and have some girl time. You know we all need to vent about our hubby's LOL.

So what have you done to make you feel proud?

1. I didn't snap at the lady at the Ministry of Transportation. There are some b1tchy women out there.
2. Spent time with a friend
3. Took 2 mini naps, I guess this heat is getting to me.
4. Went for a 1/2 hour walk



  1. I just came from my friends house that I went to college with. We met the first day due to living across the hall from each other and we pledged a sorority together. 15 years later we still crack each other up and now share a love for scrapbooking. She happens to be a demo for SU so I just spent a huge amount of money tonight. It's okay though because I'm really good at enabling her for non SU stuff.

  2. I wish I lived nearer my besty. She's back at home in Ontario...so it's pretty hard to meet for lunch. ;)

    Congrats to you for not snapping at the mtc twit. I can't promise I wouldn't have...some of them really ARE bitchy!

  3. Know what you mean about friends, with mine we may not see each other so often or speak on the phone but when we do it's just like we saw each other yesterday... I suppose that's the sign of good friends?

  4. Tracy,
    I loce the layout and so glad you had a good lunch with your girlfriend.

  5. im having nachos with your daughter today, that counts lol

  6. How wonderful that you live so close to your best friend - nice layouts!

  7. it is good to have such close friends, true friends are hard to come by, hold that close to you!


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