Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lunch with my bro :)

This afternoon I went out with my brother for our yearly birthday lunch. His birthday was July 5th and mine the 24th.
This is my oldest brother Darrell. I have 5 siblings, Darrell is the oldest boy and I am the oldest girl.
He married my hubby's sister. Wayne and him have been friends since high school.
We have been through a lot growing up. We were always there for each other, so much so that when I moved out of the house when I was 16 he let me live with him. I think we lived together for about 6 months, then he had to move to Saskatchewan for work for a few years. He is living here now.
When he was 16 and had his licence and a car he would take me cruising. Mind you I had to pay for the gas. ( I lived in the country, I would do anything to go to town at night). LOL.
I always felt safe with him, I knew no matter what happened he would be there to protect me.
I have always looked up to him as a brother and a friend. I remember a story my step mother (Doreen) has told me. When we were visiting her and my dad, I guess we did something wrong (yes hard to believe I know) and she put us in a room until my dad got home from work. She could hear us talking so she listened in. The conversation went something like this....
Darrell: "We don't have to listen to her, right Tracy"
Me: "Right Darrell".
Darrell: "She's not our mom, right Tracy".
Me: "Right Darrell".
No matter what he said, my reply was "Right Darrell". Doreen was giggling from the other side of the door I am sure of it.
Now as an adult, I may not agree with everything my brother says, but I still respect his opinion and love him with all my heart.
I am lucky to have an older brother like him.

Today, besides going out for lunch, I finished my book work and balanced month end. You can not imagine the joy, I do a little dance and do some whooping noises. Really I do, just ask my girls, or look at them rolling their eyes teehee.
I brought Heather out to the pit to grease the trucks. WOW is that a messy job. Her coveralls were covered in grease. The coveralls were way to big, she kept stepping on them teehee. She was wondering if they would get her a bio-hazard suit, that would be epic, (her words) LOL. Today was her first day.

Thankful Thursday
1. My brother
2. finishing my month end
3. crafting tomorrow WAHOO
4. chatting with my niece.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Thankful I have had my last stay in Hospital yesterday... touch wood... and everything else...

  2. Thankful for people who stop by my blog and leave messages so thanks Tracy. Also thankful for my husband who looked after the boys today so I could have some time out at the movies. Have fun creating. Hugs, Sarah

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your brother. Sounds like the makings of a scrapbook layout, huh? Maybe you've already done one. I'm thankful for my July birthday, a big one this year, and for family that has already helped me celebrate. Also thankful for a full day of scrapping ahead of me, as soon as I bring home some groceries! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your brother!

  5. Love your little convo recap! And great picture!! Have a nice weekend! :)

  6. 5 siblings Dad is the oldest of 5 grandmother had 5 boys in 6 years...CRAZY huh? I have 2 brothers and I'm in the middle. My oldest brother is a half brother and we aren't very close. My younger brother and I are closer but he lives far away. He's my son's Godfather. I am thankful for AC...the AC Man came out last night and left the house at like 9:00pm, but the AC is now working!! Woohoo

  7. It is awesome that you have a great relationship with your brother! I'm glad you got to spend some time together!

  8. What a sweet tribute to your big bro. I wish I had a big bro. :) I've always wished that. (Instead I got a little sister, who was a pain in my ass for most of our formative years.)

  9. Tracy..I just LOVE reading your posts, you are always so uplifting!! I have 5 sisters and 1 brother..God Bless him..unfortunetly my brother passed away and so did one of my sisters. I'm not close with any of my sisters, but was very close to my brother...I was just looking back at pictures and it was amazing to me that he was in every picture my mom took of me. I miss him terribly.
    Anyways on to your question..what am I thankful for:
    1. My fiance (my bestest friend)
    2. Got to talk to my son today
    3. Air conditioning...LOL it's 90 degress with a heat indez of 110
    4. I finished a new LO today
    5. Found a new scrappy site to hang out at.
    6. My blogging Friends!

  10. Happy birthday to you both! I have a sister 7 years older and she tormented me for many years. I'm sure she would say the same for me. I wish we were closer but she's always had her own life. I hope my two are really close. Today they have been entertaining themselves ALL day. What a relief to me.


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