Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of our Weekend at the Lake

Today was the first day this summer that I had taken my kayak out. I love my "Miss Tracy". That is what my hubby named it. He even put that on the front side of it. I love to either just paddle around the lake and look at the view. Or if I want a work out, then I put on some tunes and paddle strong.
Every year I notice more and more garbage in our little lake. It just upsets me that we live in such a beautiful environment and people throw their beer cans (Canadian and American labels), golf balls, pop cans, and plastic bags in the lake and river. I am forever bringing home garbage as I hate to see it pollute our area. Ok my vent is over until next time teehee.

During my paddling around the lake I went under the highway. It is neat under here. The sparrows make their nests under here. The picture is a tad blurry, it is hard to keep the kayak still. I didn't post the picture of the inside of the nest as it was very blurry as I had to stand in the kayak to get it. Ya not the smartest thing to do, but at least I didn't fall into the water LOL.
Here is what I go under in my kayak. It was kind of freaky the first time I did this. The transports and other vehicles drive right on top there. This is the Trans Canada Highway.

One thing we are really excited about every year at our cottage on the lake, is the return of the loons. Every year we anticipate the arrival of the baby loons. For many years our loons have 2 babies. But for the last 3 years our loons have not had any babies. What usually happens is they build their nests and then we get a rise in the water and their nests get flooded.
Well this year we were so happy to discover they had a nest with some eggs, and we didn't get high waters.
We figured that the babies hatched and mama and papa loon take them out of the nest early and then hid them at the edge of the lake. We can never see them. But we knew they had at least one baby as when the predator bird flew close they would try and deter them from the baby by making a certain call so the predator bird would pay attention to the parent loon.
I noticed they were really calling out, so I went to the dock and watched a bald eagle flying low along the shore line. I was so hoping that he didn't see the baby.
Later that night hubby and I wanted to see the nest, remember the babies are gone or we wouldn't have gone near it. I saw that the shells of the egg were there so that looked promising. But then I saw a loon egg in the water by the nest. I was so upset, I wanted to put it in the nest hoping that the mama would go back to it. But when I touched it, it was cold. It also smelled rotten. So sad.
Later I noticed 3 adult loons on the lake. If they had a baby they would not allow another loon on the lake, they would chase it away. So I am wondering if the eagle did get it. I so hope I am wrong. Here are some birdhouses the girls painted years ago. They were in the camp and they wanted to display them outside. The moose birdhouse I made years ago for my FIL Ray. I saw a small picture in a magazine and thought, I could make this (as I always do). So I did, I just think he is adorable.
When we got home from camp, hubby and I ran to Canadian Tire and Michael's. I know what you are thinking Crappy Tire for hubby and Michael's for me. Nope Wrong. Hubby wanted frames and I wanted a sealer for the loons egg.
After that we brought Heather to the pit to finish greasing the trucks. Well it started to pour buckets as soon as we got there, so she couldn't work on them (they are outside). So we headed home for supper. But we did return and she finished just after 10:00. I walked around the property as she did this and hubby showed her where the fittings were that needed to be greased.
I sure have been walking a lot this weekend.
Friday almost 18000 steps
Saturday over 17000 steps
Today over 13000 steps.
I really hope you had a nice weekend. I did. Unfortunately I forgot my camp journal at home so I didn't get to do that. But I did crochet some butterflies on the way to and from camp.


  1. I hate when people litter. I am forever picking up garbage that blows into my yard. Your pictures are so pretty.

  2. I hate the litter thing too. DH is worse though and once started on that he gets on his soap box.... Hope the loons are surviving, nature is a wonder don't you think. We have moor hens in our garden and this year they started out with 7 down to 3, then 2nd hatch was 5 down to 4. The parents are odd they have them and then shoo them away as they get older but before this happens the 1st lot stay and help feed the 2nd lot. I love watching them and now as soon as I open the french door they come running for food and don't run away like they always used to. Phew this could have been a blog post!!! not a comment... sorry.

  3. Tracy,
    I am right there with you as far as the liter thing. That is probably one of my biggest pet peeves about people, it is worse when you are driving and the person in front of you throws something out the window.
    Love your birdhouses.
    From all of the pictures you shared with your yard, I can only imagine how beautiful your home is.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. It sounds like such a wonderful and relaxing place! That little path you Kayak through is kind of cool! Yes, a bit scary, I'm sure, but kinda cool, all the same!

  5. I would love to go out on a kayak. It seems like it would be so peaceful, yet at the same time a good workout.
    We were "Up North" a few years ago fishing on a small lake and a loon goes floating right by our boat. Did I have my camera? No! I was so bummed. Glad you got pics. Hope they hatch out some babies soon!
    Love your birdhouses too!

  6. You are brave to go under that overpas... it looks scary! Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. So sad about the baby loons. Your property is beautiful though and I just love your bird houses. Thanks for your encouragement on my mini!

  8. Don't you just love summer? I think having a cottage on the lake would be heavenly. Would love to see your crochet butterflies. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  9. Sounds like you have a wonderful piece of property to relax in. I love the very 1st picture you posted with Miss Tracy!

  10. Wonderful photos! No wonder you head out there every weekend. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed today's post.


  11. Oooh....I can't stand litterbugs, either! Even those who flick their ciggy butts out the window drive me insane.

    Hope the loon baby is still around. :( Keep us posted!

  12. Glad you're having a good time there! It looks so peaceful:)


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