Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!!!

Well Happy Canada Day to everyone out there in blog land.
We will be putting on our fireworks show at camp, over the lake, so pretty.

This is a short post as I am trying to get ready to head off to our camp/cottage for the weekend.
And when I get back I have the joy and pleasure of doing my month end.
So this weekend I am hoping to get some planting done. Finish the girls rooms. Do some reading, and get some crafting in.
I plan on bringing up my camp journal and work on that.
I write about what we do and what happens daily in my camp journal and add photo's to it after I get them developed. They are the tiny photo's, not sure of the size off hand.

As this is like my online daily journal, I will post my weekend posts after the weekend. Ya I can go back in time you know LOL.

Well off to finish up my packing.

Hope you all have a crafty weekend and enjoy some beautiful weather.



  1. Have a great weekend, catch ya next week

  2. Happy Canada Day my northern friend. Have fun on your trip!

  3. happy Canada day... Enjoy your day..

  4. Happy Canada Day! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hope you have a great weekend!!! Happy belated Canada day!!!

    <3 Mel

  6. Happy Cananda day to you! I'm sorry I haven't got to you sooner but I've been crazy around here and haven't had time for more poor neglected computer. I really appreciate your offer thank you so much! (the lollipop flowers if you had forgotten). Hold on to some for me because I bought some bridal sash satin and I'm going to try it using that first. I forsee failure in my future but I'd figure I would give it a go.

  7. Have a happy holiday and get some RR in. And the old carpet, all I can say is wow! But, I think my little girl would LUV that carpet!

  8. Hope you have a lovely long weekend!! :D


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