Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas collage and mini stockings.

Monday already?! What happened to the weekend?
Hubby took today and the next couple of days off so we could do some Christmas shopping. Who am I kidding, to do all of our Christmas shopping.

So I haven't been able to get in my scrap/craft room so I will share a project that I did last Christmas.
It is similar to my Halloween Collage. But its a Christmas Collage.
This is a perfect project to justify purchasing all those $1.50 stamps from Michael's.
In the center of the collage I used one stamp. This stamp is so beautiful I couldn't just use one section.
While hubby and I were out shopping, he found these cute little stockings. They are actually for gift cards. So hubby thought it would be funny to switch the girls regular stockings with these teeny tiny ones.
I doubled over with laughter at the thought.
When we got home I put their names on with a black Sharpie and replaced their stockings with these.
Notice hubby's and mine are hanging on either side.
It took them a while to notice. Wayne even turned on the overhead light so they could see them better. We didn't want to leave the house until they saw them.
Kristy was the 1st to notice. "What the heck is this" she shrieked as she held up the tiny stocking.
Ashley was sitting beside me on the couch. Laughing, she asked Kristy "Is that yours"?
"No, its yours", was her reply.
Ashley gets up walks over to Kristy and yells " What the ...."Maybe its a "You have to be there" kind of moment, but it was hilarious. Ya we are mean like that. LOL.

So my day was spent shopping with hubby, two of my favourite things :)
Hubby drove Kristy to school and then brought my McD's home for breakfast. A McGriddle.
Today was a funny day. All day my family kept saying things that really had me laughing out loud. I wish I could share them, but we have an odd sense of humour, and I don't want you thinking that I'm a nut bar. Oh, do I hear you say that you already do? teehee.

Hope you had a creative Monday.



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  2. Yea...I totally and horribly misspelt a word and..well..let's try this again shall we

    What are the dimensions of the collage 'cause it is really nice...and I would never call a fellow Canuck a nutbar..(not out loud)

  3. The stocking prank sounds like something my family would do. Great story!

  4. Beautiful collage! Love that stocking prank. :)

  5. oh i love your collage--it is just wonderful! love the family pranks--too funny

  6. Tracy,
    I love the collage and what a great idea. The stocking prank is too much fun.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Great collage! I'm always looking for ways to stretch out the use of stamps and embellishments. I love this idea. I may need to turn it into a layout idea too. Have fun shopping! :)

  8. Adorable collage, and that stocking idea is TOO FUNNY !!!

  9. Love the collage. The center stamp is beautiful. Sounds like a fun day!

  10. Lol, the stocking swap totally sounds like something my husband Jeremy would do to our boys. I can only picture the moment when they noticed. I'm sure you laughed hysterically! I know I would have :0)

  11. That is funny, something that my DD would do to my DS. Ha! Sounds like you had a fun day, love those kind of days.
    I am really cherishing my days with my kids as I feel they are rapidly becming fewer and fewer and I hate that. They grow too fast...

  12. The stockings are just too funny! Love it! Your project from last year is awesome. I love how you did the middle stamp. I hope you get some crafty time soon!!

  13. ok the joke cracked me up - it sounds like your family has the same sense of humour as mine - WARPED! and then we all laugh like loonies!!


  14. Oh yeh, I love the trick with the stockings, will have to remember that one. It made me laugh.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  15. Super cute - what a great idea!


  16. What a great way to use your stamps! I'm cracking up at your little joke, I'll have to remember that when my girls get a little older. Sounds like you had the perfect day to me too!

  17. Awww...come on! Share the nutty things you said! We already know you're a little strange...that's what we love about you!

  18. LOVE your collage! It is fabulous! Definately a way to justify those stamps! LOL!


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