Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm doing a GIVE AWAY :)

I have been working my fingers to the bone today. November was a busy month.
December 1st already, WOW.

I want to thank you all for all your nice comments and for following me, so I have decided to give you some happy mail.
I am doing a GIVE AWAY!!!!

Watch the video for the give away and a Thank you.

Not sure if I explained myself well.
But for my Secret Appreciation Give Away, you don't have to do anything it has already been done :) I just wanted to give something to my friendly bloggers who comment daily. I will be doing this one again in the future.
For the Blog Give Away. Just do what you always do and leave a comment on my daily posts. Every day you leave a comment you get your name put in once a day :)
For my YouTube channel just leave a comment on my channel under this video.
You can comment both my YouTube and my blog.

OK off to do get my invoicing done.

Hope your Wednesday was a creative one :)



  1. Now being Thursday I definitely got more creating done. Volunteered in 1st grade today also. My December Daily is slowly coming together nicely, thank you again soooo much for the wonderful idea!

  2. Hi,
    It's me again. Thats so much for your great videos.

  3. I love visiting your blog! Happy to be one of your followers.

  4. Wow that scrapbook mag might just get me into gear to do some, played but not really sure about what to do so it might help. anyway glad to follow you and wow you look so young on the video now I feel old..... Creep creep..

  5. Hi Tracy,
    What a lovely and generous idea, your giveaway is fabulous, and I love your crochet flowers and butterflies. Great idea to put your treat bag in, thanks for a chance to win some of your hard work.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. Hi Tracy!
    It's TikiBoo78 from Youtube. You're so sweet to put this together. I always enjoy your videos and just became a follower of your blog. Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway. -Nicole

  7. Tracy, you're so sweet! I can't believe you made all those beautiful things - wow! you're so gifted. Those crocheted butterflies are super cute! I love to follow your blog.

  8. Tracy...I loved the idea of the secret appreciation! I may have to use that idea myself!! Thanks for sharing!!


  9. I *LOVE* the secret appreciation idea! Can I steal that some time? I promise (cross my heart) that I will give you credit for the idea because it is ubber genius! Oh and about our snow - it flurried for a few hours with no substance but it was snow none the less.

  10. I know what you mean about making friends with people. I've only been blogging a couple of months but I comment back and forth with people daily, you do start to create relationships, it's so much fun! Your flowers and butterflies look amazing! I taught myself how to embroider last year, think I can teach myself how to crochet? Lol!

  11. THANK YOU for this chance to win! I am also "dpquiltsca" on You Tube!

  12. ..sheesh Im a DORK!! I typed this big long greetinga nd then realized I wasn't even logged in!! (facepalm) Anyway..Just wanted to say i left a note on your YouTube, but i wanted to say hi again and thanks again for all you do!!! Have a great week!!!!

  13. thanks so much for the chance to win
    that;s so nice of you.

    thanks for all your hard work in putting together such great projects


  14. ive been so exhausted since school started up again. been volunteering and not much scrapping done. i do get a little done while the kids are sleeping but i end up staying up way to late. sigh. anywho what a great giveaway. ty so much fo a chance to win. i still want ur halloween collage hehe.

    Stephanie Collins

  15. Hi Tracy! Just wanted to say what an inspiration you are for both me and my 8 yo scrapbooking daughter. We anxiously await your new videos! Love all your work (we recently made your double slider cards in a mini album---loved it!). Thanks for posting such great projects!
    doreen and bridget

  16. Tracy,
    you are just too cute! I love your giveaway! way too much fun! Love the butterflies and flowers. they look amazing. and you know I absolutely love your treat bags! thanks for sharing!

  17. I have been a follewer of your blog for about 4 months now but have only commented once before. I found your blog because of You Tube and love to hear about your days, what your grateful for, how your girls are doing. I hold my breath if I don't see a daily post becuase I know something must be wrong or you are not feeling well. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy but thanks even more for the daily posts and making me accountable to making my own grateful list.

    BTW, Great photos the other day, They were beautiful and eerie all at the same time.


  18. Thanks for the giveaway, Tracy. Like the looks of the magazine. It is Friday, so you now get the weekend off and I will be working. Have most of my Christmas decorations up. Need to get some presents wrapped and think about getting them sent, since my sister lives in the DC area and Curtis sister lives in Rossland, BC. It is snowing here again--had rain first so it is very slippery out. Great for the Christmas stroll tonight. I don't need to go anywhere this morning. Hubby needs to drive home later today--he is 3 hours to the west, on the other side of the mountains. Have a terrific weekend.

  19. Well, that is super nice of you! Everything looks so cute!!!

  20. Awesome giveaway! I have been visiting your blog and watching your You Tube videos for some time now and am in awe of your vintage mini album. I absolutely love it! I hope you put more how to video up in the future! Thanks!

  21. I love your blog and miss not having a working computer at home :(

  22. Tracy
    Loved your video. It is so nice to hear and see you "in person". I have followed for awhile and love your site and your comments on my blog. Now you are no longer just a cyber friend (you are real !!) to me. Hope you know what I mean.
    This giveaway is so lovely and you have put a lot of work into the crocheting and making the kits. Very generous lady.
    p.s. aren't those shoes something? wow

  23. How sweet of you, Tracy! Wish I had more time to stop by, but with going to school (homework) and kids...well, that does not leave much time ;(

    Any who, I watched your video, you are just too cute! You explained yourself very well. It is so nice of you to give back.

    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Oh and they should give you a subscription. LOL

  24. You are so sweet to do a giveaway. No need to enter me in it.....I love to comment everyday, anyway. :) xoxox

  25. You crazy lady, having a giveaway! You look beautiful in your video btw.

  26. I love your appreciation idea and am totally impressed that you printed out comments, cut them up and put them in a jar! Totally agree with the amazing friendships that spring up through blogging - hard to explain to someone who doesn't blog, so I just keep quiet, but they are missing out, IMO!

  27. I only just discovered your blog, but will definitely be visiting more regularly :) I love the little blogspot scrapbooking community hehe x

  28. I found your blog. Oh what fun!

  29. Great giveaway, very sweet of you!

  30. thanks for your videos and the giveaway!! Merry Christmas

  31. Hey Tracy, thanks for leaving the comment on my youtube channel (moescrap). I followed you on over here and your blog is great. Love your style.

  32. Hello Tracy,
    I haven't been blog hopping in a while and low & behold I show up like a last minute loonie but better late then never I always say.
    How very nice of you to give so much love away. Ya know with or without a prize I love your blog. You always are so free to share with us newbies, kind and I find your you tubes funny and informative. I don't know if I would have ever tackled Kris's scrapbook with out your you tubes. Yes, really. Probably would have sat in the tubby for years. LOL
    Yes, it is nice too have a friend. That is the best perk.
    Hugs for a happy Holiday. P.S. did you get your long johns for your Mt trip? LOL
    Pssssssssst, Missula has a huge scrap booking store. Tee hee.

  33. p.s. you should be in that mag, not just have the subscription. You should submit!!!! really I double dog dare ya! LOL


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