Friday, December 17, 2010

Treat bag overload

Tonight was Friday Night Scrap booking. But instead of scrap booking or making cards, we all pitched in and helped (made) Ashley with her gifts she is giving to the people she works with.
So we made 12 treat bags. The colours aren't accurate on here. They really are prettier then this. But I am to tired to bring them back down and retake the picture. :)
Here is a tutorial I did on these Treat Bags
Then we wrapped 12 large chocolate bars and added the pattern paper strips. These are closer to the actual colour of the bags.
Well today seemed like one of those days that your list just doesn't get crossed off. I was going to get all my Christmas cards off into the mail. I was also going to mail my parcels off.

So last night Hubby printed off Ashley's college grad. photo's. That is the only thing I was waiting for. But..... I had to cut them out, then print out the info labels on the backs of Ashley, Heather and Kristy's pictures, then stick them on.
Stamp the sentiments in the cards (I had thought I did that already).
Sign the cards.
Then realized I needed a white pen as some of my paper was to dark for my black marker to work. So ran to the Scrap booking store to pick up that.
On the way home ran into Shoppers to pick up some more stamps.
Then had to print out the address labels for the envelopes.
Well now they are all finally ready to be put in the mail tomorrow morning.
Wow, no wonder I didn't get anything else done today, LOL.

I did pick up some toilet paper today. I woke up to half a roll this morning. Just think, 4 females and less then one roll of TP. Not a good situation.

I don't think I will be relaxing anytime soon.

Hope your weekend is a crafty and a relaxing one :)



  1. Is that milk chocolate? I'll take one please!

  2. Oh i just love your bags and i love the idea of a wrapped chocolate bar--way too cute!

  3. The treat bags look fabulous! My students have been giving me chocolate all week - love it! Glad to hear you averted a Toilet Paper Crisis.

  4. Beautiful treat bags! I'll bet the content is just as sweet. :)

  5. Seriously you are the Canadian version of this house - 3 females (plus female cat) 1 boy!.. I know the TP thing LOL

    My weekend is going to be sort of crafty but not sure it is going to be relaxing!! I am finishing off my album I taught at the class last week then it is going to be a christmas cardathon!! I have not written them, or addressed them. I have made most of them but don't think I have enough - so when I run out will have to make some more however today is the day!! I have said so!! LOL

  6. Really cute treat bags! Glad you got your cards done.

  7. Those gift boxes are adorable! I have been wanted to work on little projects so bad this holiday season but I havent been able to with the move and all...Next year I have a feeling that I an going to just go nuts!

  8. Adorable bags and chocolate bars! We have to buy our toilet paper in bulk at Costco to assure we don't run out and we only have three females! Good luck with your list today!

  9. Love the treat bags, and the chocolate bars!! Hope you find your Christmas spirit! and the tp situation is all too familiar!!

  10. What cute treat bags. I hope your weekend isn't too busy.
    I am working this weekend. I work long 12 hour shifts in the NICU. Was there about 13.5 today though. We are so busy--we really can't handle anymore babies. But we never close our doors. We cover a large area of MT--north of us to the Canadian border-east to the North Dakota border-west to the mountains. Helena, Butte, Bozeman. Probably 2/3 of MT. My hubby made it to the coast to pick up Caitlin and will head back home tomorrow. Hopefully the roads are as good tomorrow, as they were yesterday. Good thing I am at work- a good distraction.

  11. Love the treat bags, they turned out really cute!


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