Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unmotivated Day

Today my plan was to clean up my scrap/craft room. Plan....failed.
I ended up sitting on the couch watching...one guess... yup Alias. I just couldn't get motivated to get off my butt and get anything accomplished today. So as I watched the boob tube I also surfed the web. I was checking out all the projects that I had planned to work on this year and yet again...failed.
Here are some of the things I really wanted to try this year.

Toilet paper mini album
Post it note holders bound with my BIA
Halloween mini made with Graphic 45 papers
Christmas mini made with Graphic 45 papers.
envelope mini albums.
Christmas quilt. I bought the panel before Christmas and haven't even touched it.
various wood working projects
These are just a few of the projects that I came up with from the top of my head, there are many more I am sure.

So I am thinking that I will make a Projects To Do list or book, (something else to add to the list) teehee. I work on these and others as I am sure the list will grow, in the new year.

Proud Tuesdays
1. I relaxed all...day...long
2. Took a nap when I ran out of energy...this cold really whipped my butt
3. Caught up on some book work.

What did you do today to make you feel proud? I really had to dig for these ones :)

Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.



  1. I went shopping! Scrapbook and craft of course :0) First time I have been out of my house in about a week, felt good! I have a lot of projects I want to get done this coming year also. Sounds like you still need to get better :0)

  2. I got to craft today. Plus I folded the laundry from yesterday and put it away. Changed the bed, washed the sheets and towels. Ran the vacuum around and cleaned the bathrooms. I think I was allowed some crafting time after all that. My youngest and a friend took Harlee to see Tangled today and now she is baby sitting the little ones while her sister goes to her work Christmas party. Tomorrow we are to get family photos and we are under a winter storm watch with 6-12 in. of snow predicted. Temps are to go into the deep freeze too.

  3. I cleaned up my craft desk and took down my dead real Christmas tree (only to put up my fake one since I'm having Christmas with my nieces and nephew this weekend and didn't want to be treeless for second Christmas!)
    oh, And I ate an entire frozen pizza by myself. I'm not sure that I'm proud of that, though!

  4. Tracy,
    You sound like me. You are focusing on the wrong area. Don't fret about what you didn't get done this year, make a book and list all the things you did get done this year. It is a wonderful thing. I write down every project I do. ( just a plain note book) One page for each month. In fall usually more pages. Say you make marshmallow treats for the kids dipped in peanut butter chocolate. write it down. All those goody bags you made for Christmas Each one count. I know just how you feel. You need to rest more and let your body/ mind heal.
    Big hugs,Pea

  5. We all need to just "be" sometimes. You are entitled to be a couch-potatoe every-now-and-then. Being sick is also no fun.

    You are normally so happy, Tracy. It is just that time of year. Focus on all the good things. We all have so very much to be thankful for.

    I got to spend time with my mom last night and seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra, stayed at her house and went shopping today as well. We had so much fun.


  6. YEA!!!!! I am glad your room looks like a tornado ran through it just like mine does most days!!

  7. Whew, I feel better now! That's a normal looking scrap table, don't you think? You'll get it cleaned up, till the next project :). We are creative, and that's a gift!

    Glad you are resting because you don't want a relapse.


  8. This is why I watch Alias *in* my scrapbook room...otherwise I wouldn't get anything done either. :) OK, the toilet paper album sounds intriguing. What on earth is that?

  9. you know sometimes you just need to sit on the couch and rest. i think it is the bodies way of saying hey i am tired and your mind needs a rest too. i love those days. they dont happend very often for me with two little ones but when they do i just love them!

  10. Sometimes it's wonderful to be a couch potato. I should organize my scrapbooking stash today but... naah. Maybe tomorrow. :)

  11. Tracy,
    I am right there with you. It seems that I have more unmotivated days than motivated ones.

  12. Holy crap I cracked up when I saw that pic of your desk! :) Keep in mind the only pics I've seen of your space were when it was cleaned up for your video, and it looked really good then. It's crazy what the holidays will do to a craft space isn't it? Glad you got to rest today, you probably needed it. I should make a project list/book too. Good idea!

  13. Those look like some great projects on your to do list! I am mailing 3 Card Cupids Care Packages today- so proud of that!

  14. Good on you for relaxing!

    I am enjoying the break by actually DOING some crafting, in between some year end accounting stuff BOO - and some tidy up, organise, repair sort of things around the house.. overall tho really enjoying it - just having the time to do it!

  15. Can you catch a cold through the internet? Because I woke up yesterday with such a cold and achy feeling all over. Today I at least feel a little human. I am on vacation this week so at least I didn't have to drag myself to work. I should be cleaning my craft room but there is no way that's getting done. Hope you are feeling better.

  16. I have been needing to desperately clean up my craft room as well. It's so hard to get motivated to clean it up. I really want to work on some new projects, but just knowing that I have to clean it up again really sucks.

  17. That scrap area looks nice and tidy to me! I wouldn't touch a thing.=)
    Once, I tried to clean my scraproom after ignoring it for 11 months. It was ugly. Reallll ugly.

    I exercised a little yesterday. By that, I mean, I put on some sneakers and walked around a park with my daughter. Umm, that counts, right?

  18. got a layout done to send to Merit's 2000, but my scrap room looks alot like yours. Sewing mess, wrapping mess, DH's "I did not know where to put it, so I put it in your scrap room" stuff. Decided to sit and play on computer rather then clean!

  19. I wish I had a craft room to clean! :)

  20. wooopah!!! lol, have you ever watched Friends? That's the sound Chandler made, his whipping sound, lol. Get to work girl!! motivate thyself!!!!! lol. Forget cleaning!!! You should see my room, oy vey!!! Yours is pretty organized in comparison!

  21. Sounds like a relaxing day! I snow skied today - hadn't done that in 9 years I think.

  22. I've still been doing nothing. I'm on day 13 for that. Of course, the last few days I've been eating like these are my last days on earth. I must have gained at least 5 pounds. I can't wait until I can go back to the gym. At least next Monday I get to go back to work.

  23. I LOVE IT! Just like my room! Lived in and LOVED! It's your room enjoy it; chaos and all! Clutter is creativity in the resting mode.



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