Thursday, February 3, 2011

How stamp on acetate

I did another video today, I think the shortest one yet ;)
Just a quick one on how to stamp on acetate. I am sure you all know how to do this, but I only have 3 more video's left on my 31 day challenge and I haven't had time to work on any projects.
So if blogger and YouTube co-operate tonight, here it is.
Day 29 out of 31 days of video's.

That is so weird. It didn't work at first. It cut out again, I had to save it first. Weird.

Onto My Day:
Thanks for hubby's B Day wishes :)

I worked all day today. I didn't even leave the house. I really don't care to leave the house this time of year, and it wasn't that bad out -11C.
We got company tonight. Wayne's dad and his wife came by to see our new appliances, and chat for a while.
Then back to work for me :)
So because I worked most of the day today (besides the little nap I took to get rid of my headache) hubby and I watched movies. Well honestly hubby watched "Band of Brothers" and I watched YouTube video's.
He loves this series, I think he watches this at least 3 times a year.

Thankful Thursday:
1. That I can work out of my home.
2. That I didn't have to leave the house today
3. Hubby drove and picked Kristy up from school, so I didn't have to go out.
4. I got to stay in my lounge pants all day.

What are you Thankful for today?



  1. Your hubby would get along with my hubby - who is also a fan of Band of Brothers. :)

  2. great video!

    have fun at your crop tonight! my next one is next week -- can't wait!

  3. Today I´´m thankful for my eyes (to see your beautiful projects) and my ears (to listen what you say) you inspire me!!!
    Thanks again!!!
    Hugs from Brazil

  4. Tracy,
    Another great video, thanks for sharing.
    So proud of you for challenging yourself with the videos, only 2 more to go

  5. Good Friday Morning, Tracy. You have been working hard all week. Enjoyed the video. I have been having a quiet week off. Have my hubby at home this week--will get his knee checked out next week.
    Funny photo of your husband and girls. That is the kind of photo we would have too---only probably bunny ears.
    Looking forward to what you have next for us.

  6. I am going to give that a try. I have not done much stamping, I am just now finding out how fun it is. I got into embossing from watching your video, especially the mini book you did for the exchange.

  7. Great video, what do you use to adhere acetate to the patterned paper?

  8. I have stamped on acetate before but I never would have thought of saving the packaging from different products to stamp on. Duh Becky! I'm such a "thrifty" gal, I'm surprised I didn't think of that one :) I'm thankful we have two more videos coming from you!!!

  9. loved the video and nope haven't done it yet. Just hadn't thought of it I guess. LOL
    okay well have a great weekend. I will be away. I will post when I get back.

  10. Thanks for the vlog entry! I think that all men love Band of Brothers! It must be in their DNA!

  11. Another technique I've been thinking about - thanks for the video, Tracy!

  12. I think my husband might like that too. Is it in a silver box and about World War 2?


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