Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hubby in the kitchen again :)

Today was a pretty laid back day.
Hubby and I went out this afternoon and got some groceries.
When we got home, Hubby went straight to work making some meat balls. He makes the best meat balls.
OK, maybe the picture doesn't look the tastiest, but believe me they are really good.
Then he made us a nice dinner of pasta, meatballs and sauce. I am not a fan of this type of food, but it was really good.
Here is the difference in portion. Mine is the tiny plate. Like I said this wouldn't be my 1st choice of dinners, plus I filled up on meatballs as he was cooking them :) It was delish.
Hubby finally received his Christmas gift from the girls. They ordered the gift in plenty of time for Christmas. But for some reason it just came in today. The girls are still waiting for the other movie they bought him.
I finally figured out my Project 365!!! I know it took me long enough.
Because Hubby took over the living room table as his gaming space. I had to make my own space, lol. We watched movies as I worked on my Project 365.
Video coming soon :) Hope your Wednesday was a creative one.



  1. yum, love meatballs. Hubby took over your table and you get the floor. No fair! Get a few t.v. trays girl. They work in a pinch.
    Glad you figured out your project. It is always nice when you have struggled with something and it finally comes together.
    Have a great one and patiently waiting for videos. I am gonna have withdrawals I tell ya. LOL

  2. Tracy
    The dinner looks great. I don't think my hubby knows where the kitchen is. Lol
    What is project 365?

  3. How great that he cooks for you all. I got back from work yesterday (hubby has retired early from Police) and had to tidy everywhere and then make dinner! where did I go wrong?

    Have a great day x

  4. how wonderful that your hubby can cook! mine will not even try--

    can't wait to see more videos!

  5. Looks yummy. My husband keeps saying he wants to learn to cook, but some how it never happens.

  6. Dinner looks good! I think DH could recognize a stove in a line up but that's about it...LOL

  7. Your hubby looks like a fabulous cook! What time is dinner tomorrow night? (I'd say tonight, but hubby is taking me out...and I rarely say no to a dinner out!) Heehee!

  8. I agree that anytime I don't have to cook, is a good time, and I'd certainly have some pasta and meatballs! Can ya send him my way for just a little bit!! ;) (I'm actually hoping the soon to be husband will do some cooking, crossing my fingers!)

  9. My hubby is an amazing cook....sad to say, he has taught me quite abit ince we have been married (second time for both of us!) And I will admit, my favorite meals, are the ones when I DON'T HAVE TO COOK!!!

  10. OH YUM!!! I love love love pasta so I am so jealous! And meatballs almost never look good but taste AMAZING!! Needless to say I'm jealous of your dinner! :)

  11. Yum, dinner looks good! :) Can't wait to see your P365 solution. I'm giving it a try again myself this year and working on something to show soon too.

  12. Look forward to seeing your Project 365! Left you a little blog award at my blog:

  13. Congrats on figuring out your 365! My dh will cook from time to time and it thrills me but he then thinks he's an expert when I am cooking as well. "No, I really don't think I need to add more vegetables, thank you very much." Sheesh.

  14. Those meatballs look so good! You need to send Wayne down south! I'm loving your new scraproom, LOL

  15. Pasta looks yummy! Meatballs are a big hit around here except for me. I only like the sweet and sour meatballs I make with white rice, now that's some good eating! What a cozy little spot you have there on the floor. I usually take up the coffee table and half the couch, hee hee :0)

  16. Homemade meatballs- I'm SO JEALOUS! Dinner, a movie and crafting. A perfect day. :)

  17. Ha ha - our husbands have probably been shooting at each other in Call of Duty for months. Mine plays too!

  18. Oh he just looks too thrilled to have his picture taken for the blog! It's cute though - glad he got his present! The food looks yummy too. :-)


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