Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scrapbook for Heart.

As most of you know yesterday was my anniversary, it was also the 15 hour crop.
Yesterday's post was dedicated to our lives.
Today it's about the crop :)
As I mentioned it was for the Heart and Stroke foundation, which is close to my heart as I have heart disease, and so does a lot of my family.
I am no photographer, but wanted to document my time there. So bear with me, teehee.
Here is a long shot of the event. Yes that is a new born baby in the photo. Actually there were 2 babies there. They were quiet and didn't cause a problem.
There was even a 6 year old girl there that could scrap with the best of them. As I was nonchalantly walking around checking out every one's work, I came across this little girl who was scrapping up a storm.
I asked her if I could see some of her pages. With the biggest smile she started at the front of her album, and showed me every page with pride :)
I asked her if she was going to stay the whole time (it lasted till midnight) Yes I am she replied. What a cutie. Here is our sign Lynne and I made for our table. We called ourselves "The Paper Flirts". Lynne wanted so bad to win the best display. It was a survivor theme. She got tiki torches and put in paper flames, she made us wear black shirts and gave us all red matching bandanna's. They got a large cauldron to put our named torches in. Sadly for her we didn't win, teehee. But a news crew came by our table and interviewed us and took our pictures.

Here is my group. Crystal, Marianne, Dana, Barb, Denise, Lynne and me, but I'm taking the picture so I'm not in it :)

Here is my work area. Yup not anymore space left then when I am at home.
I was getting anxious thinking on what to bring for materials, never mind which pictures to bring. So I had a little talk with myself and reminded myself that this is suppose to be fun. So I took some projects that I wanted to finish up and that was that :D

They had classes going on during the day. I was late in taking an altered tin case class. I would have loved that one. I did do a card though. It is on the table at the back, the pink and brown one. I forgot my sanding block so Ashley came by with her boyfriend and brought me it, so sweet of her.
There was also massages going on $5.00 for 10 minutes. I have never had one before so I went. It kind of hurt actually. Not sure if it was suppose to. My spine also cracked, lol. I was thinking, this is a massage not a chiropractor appointment, teehee. But my back did feel better at the end.

We also got snacks, a nice lunch and supper. There were draws and contests throughout the evening as well. At the end of the evening they asked us to write down our input for next year, on what they could improve on. They also told us the tickets are going up next year by $10.00, so the price will be $65.00 a ticket.
A few of the women told me that I have to teach some classes next year. I told them if I am paying $65.00 for a ticket I am there to do my stuff, not teach a class, lol.

I did make hubby a cute Anniversary card while I was there.
I got the idea from Valita's Designs. The shading on my heart should have been lower down I think.
Don't you just love my rack, lol. Hubby enjoyed the day with the girls. Actually they went out. Hubby bought this TV to play his video games on, and daughter Ashley bought herself an IPhone. Like father, like daughter.
Today was spent in my robe all day. I even took a nap this afternoon.
I was so lazy today. My case with last nights stuff is still sitting in the front porch.

How was your weekend? I hope it was a creative one.



  1. I hope you had a good time. Looks like it was. Are you going to be on the news?

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Why is it when we are away hubby's always manage to buy something? LOL
    I had a wonderful weekend.
    Have a great week:)

  3. Happy Anniversary for yesterday, sounds like you had a great time, you should go for free if you are going to teach classes which by the way you would be brilliant at. Glad you got to have a lazy day, I love those kind of days x

  4. Tracy
    Glad to hear that you had a great time, and even took time to relax.

  5. Yeah for crops for a cause - such a great cause. I love that you finally decided to just take projects to finish - agonizing over what to take is the worst part! I'm not big on massages either - something weird about strangers touching me. I just don't care for it. But my SIL got me one recently and the same thing happened. I had a spot in my back that was really bugging me and it's been fine ever since that massage. I hate to admit that it actually helped. LOL.

  6. Tracy...those butterflies were made by my aunt....I don´t know how :)!!! She lives in another city.
    thnaks for you nice comments on my blog.

  7. Sounds like a great crop! Very cute card! And Happy Anniversary!

  8. sounds like a really fun crop! love all the pictures

    great card!

  9. It's always nice when you get together and scrap for a cause... I see the Pepsi on the table... Hope you guys had a great time...

  10. Sounds like a wonderful event & the little girl sounds precious! Sorry your booth display didn't win, but it sounds like a cool time & having fun together as friends is more important!

  11. Sounds like you had a great time! I have a scrap retreat the end of this month and I can't wait!

  12. Sounds like you really enjoyed the crop -- Happy Anniversary!

  13. You look like you had a blast!!!

  14. ashley had to text me to tell me about her new toy.. im jealous.. lol

    looks like you had fun!

  15. Looks like lots of fun Tracy.
    My dad had a heart attack and they said he was very lucky to come through it,and then had a quadruple bypass, and I always give to the Heart Foundation, and the heart foundation charity need help to continue their work. I am always so grateful to the Ambulance men on that day, so I think your crop was a wonderful idea.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  16. I'm glad you had fun! I love your card, too funny! It was probably a good idea to take projects instead of layouts to work on. Too much pressure with layouts :)

  17. That looks like so much fun! Sorry that you did not win, but at least you got to be on TV! The Anniversary card is too cute! Happy Anniversary BTW!

  18. How fun!! Your card is adorable!!

  19. The crops looks like way too much fun, and what a great cause! So glad you posted about your anniversary first, then the crop - priorities, you know. :0

  20. Happy Anniversary! I love the card you made for your hubby! I had massage too once, and it hurt! But strangely, I want to get another one soon, lol. And I love that the crop--lots of crafty fun with friends, raising money for a great cause!

  21. Very cute anniversary card, Tracy. I love going to crops, but I hate the packing of everything and then unpacking it again.



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