Saturday, December 4, 2010

A day at the Movies

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I forgot I told my daughter Heather that we would go to and see Tangled this weekend. Ya she is 19 and I am....over 40 ;) but we still love cartoons. I love that my girls aren't in a rush to grow up.
I really loved this movie. Didn't like the kid kicking my seat mind you. I turned around and asked the mom very nicely to ask her son to not kick my seat, and that I understood that he was just excited. She told her son. That lady told me that she doesn't like when you kick her seat. That lady wants you to stop kicking her seat. Yup I'm the mean one.
I am so sensitive, I actually cried a bit watching this one.
I didn't realize that it was in 3D. I usually don't like 3D movies. I think they are over priced and I hate wearing the glasses. Well I found out that you need to sit directly in front of the screen, not to the side. Because this one was really cool.
We all know that treats are way over priced at the theatre. So being the thrifty person that I am, I usually sneak in some contraband in my purse. So I put my money in my pocket so I wouldn't have to pull out my wallet, which was of course underneath my illegal treats.
Not knowing this was a pricey 3D movie, I didn't have enough money in my pocket. So yup had to sneakily take out my wallet, which was under the bag of chips. Ya not to inconspicuous.
I always get my drinks there as well. $3.76 for a small pop! I don't think it would have fit a can of pop in that cup. Just a tip...always ask for no ice.

Hubby went out a couple times with Ashley and Kristy. He picked up Eclipse. The girls find this hilarious.
We watched it tonight. Heather and Kristy had a few laughs. Near the end we were all cracking jokes. I really laughed when Jacob told Edward he was hotter, lol. The girls got tired of my comments of Jacobs abs. But seriously how hot is he. Ya he is probably young enough to me my son, teehee.
Well I found out that when Hubby, Ashley and Kristy were out, they stopped off at Montana's for a late lunch. Now you have to understand we do almost everything as a family. I was thinking of going to Pita Pit with Heather. But I would feel guilty and I would have to brought something home for everyone.
So finding out about this, I was like, where is ours. Did you at least bring us back an order of dip. Nope, nadda.
So I took Heather to KFC for supper, lol. But I am glad that Wayne did something special with the girls.
As you can see I didn't get any creative time in today.
I finished off the last of my book work and mailed out the invoices.
Tomorrow is a marathon of The Walking Dead. Starts at 4:30 till the final one at 10:00. So I am not leaving the house. Bringing up my crafting supplies and sitting in front of the TV all day and playing. Ohh I have such a hard life :)


  1. Tracy,loved the story of your "first" and "last" date with your hubby..awesome! We went to see Tangled today too! Ash and I looked at each other and said at the same time, "That was the cutest movie EVER!!!" LOVED it!! Have fun with your day tomorrow, lazy days watching t.v marathons and crafting are perfect! :)

  2. Oh i so want to see this movie with Jack. We are planning of going over christmas break. Glad you liked it! i didn't know it was a 3D either--how fun!

  3. Saturdays around here are our movie night as a family so we rented Toy Story 3 and The last Airbender. Both were good. I haven't seen Tangled yet but I'm sure we will :0)

  4. I always knew you were a cougar at heart.;-) I want to see Tangled, too. But I have no girls to go with and my hubby and son won't be caught dead seeing that. Looks like I will be spending some "me" time at a matinee.:-)

  5. I had not seen the previews until just last night. I don't get to watch much TV, no time. Glad you got to see it and that you enjoyed it. I still enjoy cartoons, at times, too.

    We do the same thing with candy. You are not alone. They charge way to much for the goodies, pop and popcorn there. The admission alone for a family of 5 will practically kill ya.

    Enjoy the weekend, not much left.

  6. Eclipse comes out on DVD tomorrow so we'll be getting that. My kids love all that kinda stuff. Mind you I did enjoy the twilight books, much better than the films.

    Sounds like you've had a good weekend.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  7. Don't feel bad, 1) Abie cried at the movie too and 2) Mike would have hauled off and smacked the kid behind us if he was kicking the chair, so you're not too mean.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sneaks treats to the movie. Sounds like yout had a good weekend.

  9. I think I saw the commercials for that one. It sounds like the whole seat kicking thing went pretty well, right? And I'll bet, "The lady doesn't like it" puts a stop to it way, way faster than just plain old mom not liking it. :-)

    On the chips sneaking, I've snuck in ice cream in my purse before, but the best time was when a friend and I got in a whole 12 pack of beer. That was a good movie. Whatever it was. :-) But what happened on the drink? You bought it there but snuck in the chips?

  10. Cool! I want to see that Tangled movie, too... but I've HAD it with chair kickers and texters and rude obnoxious kids yakking through the movie, so I guess I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD. Yup, I'm an old fuddy duddy.

    Can't wait until Eclipse arrives at my house...should be tomorrow or the next day. My younger daughter got it for me for my birthday. :)

    Oh, and I've snuck in the odd treat here and there at the theater, too. Their stuff is WAY OVERPRICED. Grrrr.

  11. You are so right about movie food prices. You almost have to sneak in a treat to be able to afford the movie. The prices are so high.
    I enjoyed reading your post.

  12. I hear the Walking Dead is really good - DH and I are planning to catch up on it.

  13. My youngest daughter want to take my granddaughter to this when she gets home from Seattle for Christmas break. I think they both would love it.


  14. I want to go see Tangles, and so does the hubby!! We always sneak treats into the show..can't afford not too....they say you get free refills on popcorn and soda, but who wants to leave the theater just for a refil?? (Bad enough I ususally have to go potty halfway through!!!)


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