Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a sweetie, and some sweet shoes.

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How can this not put a smile on your face.
My daughter left me this note on the kitchen table this morning. I love my girls :)
Or do you think she wants something ;)

My oldest daughter is like me, very thrifty. But at times she can be like her dad very spendy.
Well today was one of those days.
She has a weakness for shoes.
She purchased 2 pairs, online. They are Steve Madden, if that matters.
Cute right. High....very high.
Both Ashley and I are under 5 feet tall. Not with these puppies on.

These are cute, love the bows.There is no way I would pay, what she did for these shoes. She was telling me that I could borrow them if I want. My reply was thanks, but where would I wear them, vacuuming the house. Her reply, "I would". LOL

Love this little charm at the back. Even though no one would see it.
Well her shoes arrived by FedEx. When the guy came to the door, he told me there is a charge. Oh OK. I figured a few bucks.
$85.15!!!!! If I could put those in capitals I would, $*%.!% (that's it in capitals, teehee). I was like what the hell, your kidding me right!
Nope, duty was $85.15. Frick, she could buy another pair of shoes for that much. I still am shocked, can you tell.

My day was spent
So no creating for me.

Thankful Thursday
1. That the FedEx guy took Visa.
2. For my sweet daughters.
3. That I balanced month end on the 1st try.
4.For all the sweet messages on here and on YouTube about my give away.
5. That I am able to do a give away.
So what are you thankful for today :)



  1. ummm wow! that is a LOT of money!

    but what a sweet note!

  2. Those are really cute shoes! I wish I could walk, heck stand lol, in them. Yay for a smooth month end! Happy Friday :)

  3. wow those shoes are very cute but there is NO way i could walk in them! have a great weekend!

  4. How sweet. My daughter does stuff like this too. Love it.

  5. Oh my goodness those shoes are fantastic, I would have worn them when I was younger but now phew! I would break my freaking neck in them lol and also be about 6'2" in them, fed ex IS expensive but I am sure she is worth it and now maybe that's why you got such a sweet note eh?

  6. You are too nice, I would have refused delivery for that amount!! Those shoes are adorable, but I would kill myself in them!!!

  7. I am thankful that Caleb walked up to the door at school all by himself today, soooo excited! I am also thankful for my mom, today is her birthday and I'm glad to still have her. Happy Friday!

  8. Today I am thankful to be warm as we have lots of snow.
    My daughter is shoe mad and she is only tweleve. But she would be wowed by your daughters shoes. They are gorgeous.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. Oh my, the duty is expensive but they are really cute shoes. Thankful that it is Friday and I will have some time to craft and spend with hubby.

  10. OMG I love those shoes!! Steve Madden is AMAZING!! That amount is crazy to pay! But I'm not sure how all that works cause I live in the States!

  11. Wow! Those shoes are awesome! I can see why your daughter fell in love with them. But just like you, I wouldn't know when to wear them. And I wouldn't pay a lot for shoes. And, come to think of it, I wouldn't know how to WALK in them! LOL! But they are very pretty to look at. :)

  12. Maybe she should get them sent to rydens and pick them up there... Might be cheaper

  13. Tracy,
    I absolutely love the shoes

  14. OMGoodness! That is just the DUTY TAX? Are they insane? That is ridiculous. They must go by what they are valued at or how much they cost?

    The shoes are adorable, but I would break my neck in them. LOL I could just imagine myself walking in those.

    How very sweet of your daughter to leave that note. My girls are always giving me little pictures that they drew with an "I love you mom" on it.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Holy crap $85.15! That's crazy! They are pretty cute though. Maybe your younger daughter conspired with your older daughter and left you the note to put you in a good mood for the upcoming delivery, ya think? BTW, maybe your step mother says you hold the needle wrong because your left handed. (aren't you left handed?) Lol!

  16. :D Amazing shoes! I appreciate the beauty of them,but just looking at them make my feet hurt!

    Have a fab weekend!

  17. $85.15 for DUTY?!!!! HOLY CRAPOLI!!!!!!! I don't think I've paid that much for a pair of SHOES, much less the duty on them! YIKES!!! I shudder to think how much they cost.....but....
    they ARE cute!

  18. Holy CRAP!! You are lucky they took Visa - reminds me of when I lived in NZ - and if we wanted something you couldn't get there - and got it mailed in - we would always get totally shafted with duty OUCHIE WA WA

    I am actually surprised you can't get SM shoes in Canada.

    Cool video/giveaway by the way :-D

  19. I can't believe you had to pay another load of money on top of the shoes! They are really cute shoes though and yes I would wear them vacuuming around the house too. Sorry I haven't been around, I'm recuperating very nicely! I hope your daughter pays you back *I'm snickering sarcastically under my breath*

  20. Very cute shoes, but I would have fainted to pay that in shipping, Oh my!!

  21. can I borrow them, the top pair that is? I have to mop the floor! LOL OH MY GOSH that is bull pucky. LOL Sorry about the duty.

  22. Sorry..I never would have paid the duty!!! But I have figured out something...I live in Washington (I married an american) and I order online and have it shipped to my daughter in Alberta...she has never paid duty on anything.,....I THINK and I stress THINK...that becasue it is being ordered and paid for from an AMERICAN IPS and address...but shipped to a different is considered a gift and the receipient does not pay duty.....
    I did my shopping via internet and set the shipping addy to my daughters this year....
    Last year it cost me over $100.00 to ship the Christmas presents to her....this year...I paid $30.00. Thank you JCPenney!!!


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