Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautiful View

Here is the view I get every time I drive down River Street.
I can even see a bit of the lake from the top of my street.
This is Lake Superior and that is a beautiful view of the Sleeping Giant.
There is an old Indian legend about this mountain.
I took this photo at the clinic today, when I brought Heather to visit our family doctor.
What a stunning view.

Onto My Day:
My SIL, Sharon, Kristy and I went shopping to pick out my nieces wedding shower gift.
We then went out for lunch at Applebees.
Then we went to Michael's.
My spending freeze is over:)  So I picked up a couple of things from the $1.50 bins. Funny thing is, none of them were for me, they were for someone else, lol.
I then had to take Heather for her doctors appointment.
Came home with supper in hand. I personally just ate my leftovers from lunch.
Lastly I recorded my video for my latest project :)
Watched Biggest Loser as I edited my video.
Now I am going to check out some blogs and then hopefully upload my video to YouTube.

Tomorrow is my Redonkulous Design Team project, so you will have to wait a bit to see my latest project ;)

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That is a beautiful view!!! I have been in your little corner of the world and know how truly scenic it is. We have a Sleeping Giant here too, on the drive back from Helena. Will have to take pictures to show you.

  2. The view is lovely, thanks for sharing it. I really miss the ocean and all the rivers and lakes that surrounded us while we lived in Oregon.
    Okay so I see it's Tuesday Teaser, so I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to see the new project. Looking forward to Wow Wednesday, until then take care!

  3. Nice view, sounds like you had a great day.

  4. oh how beautiful!!!

    can't wait till your project tomorrow!!

  5. TFS the downtown and lake photo. Looks like a beautiful place to live!

  6. Fabulous view!
    I knew the legend but have never seen a 'real' picture just one in a textbook.

  7. Very beautiful view indeed! Hugs!

  8. Such a pretty view! I'm glad your spending freeze is over!! You did great not buying anything :)

  9. Definitely a beautiful view!! :)

  10. I wish I had seen this last night. I could have used something serene and calming like that to refocus my thoughts. I was just so sad (I think you saw my FB status) I'm much better now. I'm just more angry that someone decided they didn't want to "gossip" and let everyone else find out for themselves that my friend had passed. I think I grieved it all out last night and was very tired and in a funk today but now I'm coming out of it. It was almost like I touched something dirty and couldn't wash it off kind of feeling. But the picture still helps me now too. Keeps reminding me of how much beauty is out there to behold and how good friends come along at just the right moment with the right thing without even realizing it to make you feel better. :D

  11. Oh how I miss living near a Great Lake...okay honestly, I only miss it in the summertime...I do not miss the lake effect snowfall. Oh and when you buy stuff for other people (even if it's crafting stuff), it doesn't really count as spending.


  12. What an amazing thing to be able to see often! What a great story about the sleeping giant too. We're doing good if we see a decent hill around here! We do have a broken water tile that creates a little creek running through our woods. That's OUR view of the water. LOL!


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