Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yummy cake and a pissy story

Doesn't this look delicious?
It was ;)
Today we had a turkey dinner and invited Ashley and Kristy's boyfriends over for supper.
Tyler brought dessert, yummy.

Onto My Day:
I am so close to finishing Heather's album.
I have bound it and all the pages are mostly complete.
I just want to print up a few quotes from the movie and print out some of her photos to put in the book.
She doesn't want her photos in it, but they will be on hidden tags and  well I want to, so there, lol.
Sharon came by today for scrapbooking tonight.

All the stores were closed because of the holiday today, so we all stayed at home.
Well except Ashley and her friend Lisa, they went on a photo shoot.

Ohhh I have a story for you.
I was sitting in the living room late last night and heard the neighbours outside, they kept opening and closing their van door, over and over again.
So I peeked out the window. You will not believe what I saw!
The neighbours teenage (19 yrs old) sons friend was pissing in my front lawn. I was shocked but more than that I was mad!
So I went outside and yelled at him. He wasn't fazed. He just went in his friends yard and pissed in there. I told him they have a bathroom in their home  you @sshole.....yes I called him and @sshole. I also called him a few other names and I was not using my indoor voice.
Hubby came out and said a few words as well. You know this kid didn't stop peeing the whole time.
I guess he really had to go. lol.

I am hoping to completely finish and make a video of my mini tomorrow.
Hope you had a creative Friday :) 

Tracy :)


  1. Okay I am laughing hysterically. I can just see you and your husband yelling out to this guy while he is watering the grass in your front yard. It is horribly wrong what he did but for whatever your retelling of this just tickles me. I guess I just need to get to bed and sleep cuz it's so late.
    That cakes looks divine!!!! Glad you had such a good time with your family and. Take care and be careful when you step outside; it's wet out there. ;)

  2. Rotfl! Good for you to speak out- I would just mutter about how disgusting and disrespectful that was!
    And that cake? Sooooo yum! Jealous!

  3. Tracy
    Toooo funny!!!
    Sorry for laughing because I know you didn't find it funny at the time but it is so easy to have a mental picture of this dude and the two of you berating him to no avail. Drunks know no bounds.
    But on a sweeter note!!! gorgeous cake mmmm good.

  4. hahahahaha
    rolling on floor laughing
    more hahaha

    Good on you for telling him off! Dunks are so difficult to deal with!

    What are the Mum and Dad like...Can you speak to them? Maybe they need to share with him of how that young fellow got arrested for that in Ontario a couple of years ago!

  5. Oh my gosh, that cake looks delicious! So excited that your mini is almost finished!!!!! Yes, he is a little a@shole! Mike went out and yelled and at one of the neighbor boys last night because we saw him through down a can of spray hair gel. I thought the boy was going to sh@t himself!

  6. Oh so disappointed that desert was bought! lol was looking forward to see a recipe! haha
    OMG! I can`t believe that story lol I was laughing so hard hubby came in to see what was going on heehee
    I cant wait to watch the video, been waiting to see it since Heathers Birthday! :) Hope you are haveing a nice long {dry} weekend :) X

  7. OMG, I wonder if he had been drinking? I wonder what the in-and-out was. Teenagers, aaarrrggghhh! Glad your mini is making progress. I worked on a video, now I don't know what project to tackle, too many!

  8. Seriously!!!! I'd be using the same language too! Had a similar experience at our last house when they were having a party- only we found #2 in our backyard-seriously. UGH!

    The cake looks super yummy! That album sounds like it's going to be really fun with those hidden tags. :)

  9. Oh, I thought we would have a recipe also.... so disappointed! It looks wonderful! Can't wait for the video!

  10. Gross. That is a class B misdemeanor here in TX for public lewdness or indecent exposure. And can can also land people on the sex offender l ist.

  11. I like that Tyler. He's a keeper, unless he stops bringing yummy cake.

    I think in NJ you get arrested for peeing in public. But most of the time it's ignored. If you go down the shore to certain areas or Newark when it get warmer and more people are out and about I can't even tell you the disgusting things I've seen people do out in public. People are just gross and have absolutely no self dignity.

  12. haha it really was a PISSY story!! That cake looks amazing!

  13. Cake looks yummy! Well...he'll get a good story out of it too I guess...if he wasn't too drunk to remember it having happened!

  14. It does look delicious. Yummy chocolate. Glad you told him off.

  15. The cake looks delicious! As you your friends neighbor, maybe you need to suggest they put in a port-a-potty outside since they are trained for indoor units! LOL Love Penny

  16. Wow! How rude! I would have tossed the tampon box at him! ;)

  17. OMG, that was so funny and so rude. Maybe he has a bladder infection, yep I bet thats

  18. OMG! Between this and the damn chocolate marshmallow eggs...I think I've gained ten pounds. Teenagers often don't have two brain cells to rub together!!


  19. LOL ya gotta go, ya gotta go but geeze no bathroom how about out in the back corner or something. Kids these days and no I wouldn't have used the indoor voice either. Yummy cake too. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake


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