Friday, April 27, 2012

Defunkifying my Life... part 4 Skeletons in my Closet

Look what I found today when I cleaned out my closet.
I thought I had donated it, but nope just moved it and then it got lost in the disorganization.
It works, we just don't have any film for it.
Ashley wants to get some so she can play around with it.

I think it is time to share with you the skeletons in my closet.
Look at this mess, I told you my organization missions are going to get scarier.
Wait until you see my laundry room, now that is embarrassing.
So anyway, I thought I would organize this closet.
It is suppose to house my vacuum. Do you see a vacuum?
Nooooo, that's because it can't fit.

This closet also holds games.....lots of games, Christmas decor, some cooking appliances.
Oh ya and plastic grocery bags......lots of plastic grocery bags.
So the first thing I had to do was take everything out.
Just know when you are doing this, don't do it before company comes.
And don't get discouraged as you are going to make an even bigger mess.

Looking pretty good and this is just from taking the plastic bags out, lol.
The bunny you see hanging on the door. That is a bunny bag holder I had made years ago.
You put or take the bags out from under her skirt. I guess we were just to lazy and threw them in the closet.

These are some of the bags that I recycled at my local grocery store....yes I said some.
I was to embarrassed to bring them all at once, so I would bring in a few at a time. I didn't want to look like a hoarder....okay to late, lol.
I think I brought in about 8 of these filled with plastic grocery bags.

Here is the closet all empty and clean.
I was thinking of painting the walls and adding some self liners. But then had to talk myself out of it.
I am trying to re organize and then if I want to come back and tweak it, I will.

I don't have a pantry of any kind.
Plus my knees are shot and they hurt every time I have to go down and search for something in my black hole I call my cupboards, so I was wanting to make this area my pantry.
It was either this closet or the linen closet. And hey I may change my mind on that once I get to my linen closet.
This is the only place for the vacuum to go, so I had to put it in here.
I was really fighting with myself on this one, as I didn't think the vacuum should go with food.
But most of the food is in cans so I think it should be okay.
The cereal is on the top shelf. My girls are taller then I am and I can reach them so we won't have a problem with that.
My cereal didn't fit on the shelf as the box was to high. so I put it in one of my Tupperware containers and labeled it. I think I will be doing this with the other packages as well.

Now doesn't that look so much better. It isn't wasted space and I can get to my canned foods so much easier.
I haven't done my black hole of cupboards yet, so I still have a bit of room for more stuff in here.
Plus I still need to label. I LOVE to label ;)

Now I just have to get the girls to go through all their games to see which ones to donate.

 Some tips to organizing your closet.
1. Remove-Take everything out of your closet
2. Clean- use some cleaner and wipe the shelves down.
3. Sort- Put all like items together.
4. Purge- Get rid of anything you no longer love, or need.
5- Organize- Put away and organize the remaining items.
 Is your desk area still looking organized?
Now go and clean out a closet :)

If you want to check out part 3 of Defunkifying my Life just click here.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy
    Now doesn't that feel soooo good? lol
    I find starting is the hardest part; once started it is full speed ahead. Your cupboard looks lovely.

  2. Great job on the closet there my friend. I LOVE labeling too, so I need to purchase a label maker and soon. I love having my canned goods all arranged and in order. :)

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Ha, still have the messy junk drawer! I will say that it is because I have some things I HAVE to make. ;0). ( I will have proof in a couple of days!)
    Great job! Have you thought of donating the bags to an elemntary school? I know that now that I rarely get the bags, I don't have the hoards in my school cupboard for the kids when they have muddy clothes, or needle for a book or school work that does not fit in their backpacks

  4. I have a cupboard that looks like your original shot--in my kitchen. And it is where bags go too. I do go through it every once and a while and get it reorganized, but it doesn't take long before it looks trashed again. I guess because I am not the only one that uses it.
    Great job on making your cupboard look neat and tidy.

  5. Really great cleanup effort Tracy!

    I need to get in and clean the closet in my craftroom which is used to hold my work clothes (and then it became ALL my clothes)

    I'm thinking of getting bins for everything. Bins for pants. Bins for slacks, bins bins bins :)

  6. We have one of those cameras and I was thinking that I seen that they have stopped making the film for it, but I very well could be wrong.

    I have the bag issues here too, but I don't care about looking like a hoarder when I take my bags in. LOL! Especially if it makes my laundry room look better! It don't look as nice as yours, but some day....

  7. That Polaroid is quite a find. Great job repurposing space. You'll love having a pantry. I sorted through a storage box today and found some 1980's photos. I didn't really throw anything away but I did move some precious things to a safer storage container.

  8. Love the Polaroid lol! It's funny how popular they are again! You did a great job on your closet! I only wish I felt like doing mine..
    I started using those recycled bags instead of the plastic ones. They are so much nicer and roomier and very easy to carry groceries in the house too!

  9. Awesome find, love the polaroid. There's a lot of treasure in closets hehe... you did an excellent job cleaning out the closet.

  10. Great idea to make the space work for you! It looks a lot better!

  11. Oh and that camera is a great find! You'll never know what you have until you organize =)

  12. It's a great feeling, isn't it? Have fun with your new pantry! :-)

  13. You crack me up with your bags of bags! Lol! Your closet looks fantastic and I have to say, your so inspiring! Makes me want to go home and clean a closet!!!

  14. hey! thanx for commenting on my blog. fun to read yours too!

  15. Ugghhh I SOOOOO need to do this. I'll think about it----tomorrow. LOL :-) Looks great!

  16. I laughed to see this. I spent Friday in the spare room cleaning out the closet. It looks so good now. The rest of the place ... not so much.

    Your close is lovely and I'll bet it feels good to look inside.

  17. Goodness gracious I'm so far behind! I went out and bought a bunch of stuff for my crap room. Yes, I know, I'm moving what the heck am I doing reorganizing. I have a plan and didn't want to wait lol. The other mortgage hasn't completed yet so I figured I's spend my little heart out before we have 2 of them to pay off. Your pantry looks nice. You didn't label Rosie did you?

  18. ha ha, I didn't take the before pic of mine but about the same I swear. LOL I did this closet first and it looks so much better. I took pics of it empty and now clean and did the whole laundry room. It looks great. Now I just need to post to my blog. maybe by the weekend.


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