Saturday, April 14, 2012

Message Book

I am planning on De-funkifying my home :)
I have been in a funk for over a year now and I can feel the clouds lifting and my eyes opening up.
It has been said that when you are in a funk, do something you love.
Well I have, I have been creating. And because of this I have let other things slip. Like my home.
If you know me than you know I am a perfectionist. My home was all labeled and organized.
Like I said I have let that slip.

But I am not ready to get back on track.
I am not sure if I will show before and after pictures.
Seriously, some places in my home are embarrassingly unorganized.
I am planning to kick start my re-organization by following this challenge its called the 21 Day Challenge. This challenge is over, but I am still going to do it on my own.
But I am probably not going to do it daily.....I still need to be creative ;)
If you want to follow me on this I would love to hear about it.
If you want me to post my (gasp) before and after photos let me know as well.

So today I was starting to organize the mail/file area.
I use this message book to take messages for business calls I get. Or just things or changes that need to be made at month end.
Now this isn't what it looked like when I started to alter it.

This is what it looked like. Not to pretty, but it does the job. I have gone through a few of these.
So I wanted to recover it. I started by un-twirling the wire to get it out.

Here is the inside of the book. I like that is has two copies to each page.

After I took off the front cover, I adhered some pretty paper to the front. Then I had to punch all those  40, yes 40 holes through the pattern paper.

I then rewired the spiral wire through all the papers and voila a pretty message book.
I am still debating on if I am going to put a label on the front of it.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I went for lupper. No I didn't spell that incorrectly, when we go for a real early supper I call it Lupper ;)
And no hot dog vendor for us, by golly we went to Montana's :)
I worked on my new mini during phone calls ;)
I am going to be completed this mini in no time. It is girly, springy and pretty :)

I found out my brother was in town this week.
He phoned me about an hour or two before he left to go back home....I feel so loved ;(
Here the sarcasm in my voice.
I didn't get to talk to him, but he left a message.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I like to be organized too, but Curtis doesn't help me much with this. He thinks I should organize my stuff and his stuff too. He is always asking me where his stuff is. Totally frustrating. I usually always put things away when I am done, so things are there again when I want. But not everyone in this household thinks that way. Help!!!!!

  2. I would not have had the patience to take that spiral wire out and back in that book! Not sure what I would have done, but I'm too lazy for that. LOL!

    I desperately need to get more organized and I have very slowly started on it myself. I'm very good with the bills, but I have a problem with what to do with the things that I don't know what to do with or where to put it so that I'll remember. I'm trying to work on making boxes to keep all the DVD's in under the entertainment center - for starters.

  3. Like Beth, I would soooo not have the patience to take out and put the wire back in. I would have worked around it as well- and am too lazy too! ;0)

  4. Gook luck on your new project, I'd love to follow along. I really need to do a better job at organizing all of my business files.

  5. Organizing....what the heck is THAT!!! Hey Hey...all my prices are in canadian...just check with each seller...our moneys are pretty close right now so i made the group both canadian and american...i just find that it's so hard to find much in my area....hoping for better deals and more

  6. I like to organize more too. My supplies are everywhere. You did a nice job on revamping that message book =)

  7. Um, yes can you please post updates on the challenge! I think I should join in on this challenge too, but will definitely need motivation from someone else to stick to it!!! Our apartment is slowly getting out of control, and due to its size, there isn't always a place for everything (and let's not even discuss the crazy wedding crafts I've added to the space!)

  8. What a great idea! I always love your posts, Tracy!
    Rosie (Gulfcoastgirl)

  9. Ooohhh, organization, my favorite!!! Can't wait to follow along with your posts, definitely going to check out that challenge and see if it's something I can do! (not like the art journal, lol) Your message pad looks awesome and I think s label on it would look way cool!! I can't believe you took that spiral out! Sorry about your brother. That's exactly how Mike's brother is. He'll call when they're on their way home and then bitc# that they never see us. A##.

  10. Love the change the message book! Are you going to dinner early enough now to be considered one of those old people:)!! Can't wait to see how your organizing goes


  11. I know how it is to be in a funk...I try to be organized but I'm just not very good at it. I can't wait read all your posts.

    Sorry about you brother....I have family members like that....most of them, sadly.

  12. I think it needs a label (spoiler alert, I already saw the label and I liked it)! Sorry about your brother!


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